Relationship breakup advice-Expert Reasons why breakup happens

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 Relationship breakup advice-

Love has many side-effects when you really dont understand true meaning of Love thats why many Expert Reasons why breakup happens
 Relationship breakup advice
It can be lethal Love if you dont realize as soon as possible. Love is most problematic when it is  fake Love  and Relationship ends within no time Instead of searching Love in partner, both are busy in secret affairs like facebook affairs .Cheating, that finally results into cycle of breakup and again re-marrying and again Love in partner and again new Relationship.
This whole cycle of Love in partner ,breakup and again new Relationship is so vicious that finally-they had to get treated for so called emotional imbalances.
Love  isn’t  Joke Many still believe that changing partner is better option rather than staying honest for single partner.
That is reason every one finds there partner suspicious because of lethal cycle of body love or unsatisfied by one body.
 Did you as parent ever imagined why your kid want choices or are unsatisfied or gets bored by films,technology,etc.

Marriage Break Up Advice

Current world is majority a material world were there you have lot of choices if you get bores. so mind
 is totally corrupted by this philosophy that results in failed relationship.
Just as we change or buy new clothes technology we doesnt really feel any guilt because of material world .
 So breakup or Divorce becomes just a fashion of changing partner were forget that some one can be hurt to make other happy.
Many teens world wide are not satisfied by one affairs they dont care what it hurts when Divorce happens.

They just waana prove mom, dad and world that, with so many affairs they really are deserving LOVE after LOVE what is referred as fake LOVE.
Is this future where usually people use to go to brothel & criticise it & now world is turning in to brothel because of Divorce ,breakup.
Teens had used options of Divorce ,breakup to fool world with free licence to do breakup ,no one really has time to stop this cycle where just hate is growing between partners rather than LOVE.
I’d myself witness many Divorce ,breakup cases were for some one its just joke .So i conclude whoever is in true LOVE should solve problems thats causing Divorce ,breakup instead of running from problem. To find true LOVE” Just LOVE ALL”

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