Thinking of Buying an Exotic Car?

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When I was younger, I used to play this game called Gran Turismo on the Play Station. It was fascinating for me to look at these mythical cars zoom up and down the tracks as I would playfully mash the buttons on my controller. Nowadays, the work schedule is so hectic and the days are so long that the video game age is up for many of us, but the mesmerizing quality of exotic cars has really never left. It’s like we’re kids in a candy store whenever we go to high end car dealerships.

So here we are- with finally enough saved up to buy a car you once controlled on a video game. But how do we go from a dream to driving off the lot? Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Buying an Exotic Car

Figure out what brand of car you would like to own, but realize that not every city in the world is home to a vast array of exotic vehicles- the nearest location for your favorite car might be 200 miles away. No worries. Find the closest dealership and go from there. No matter how tempting it may be, don’t walk into a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche or any exotic car dealership for that matter and immediately ask for a test drive. You’ll leave driving off in your 2004 Toyota Corolla that way. Instead ask to be educated about the different makes, models, gearing, financing, and maintenance plans. In addition, inflate your budget a few thousand dollars so that the collection of cars that are suitable to your wallet increase as well. Carefully narrow your options down until you have 2-3 that you’d like to try out- this method of car buying will inevitably lead your dealer into letting you test drive the car, since you seem to be quite the discerning customer.

Once you’ve found the car of your dreams, ask the listed dealer to provide you with some crucial information regarding the car. This includes, a Carfax report, history of ownership, maintenance, collisions, brake condition, etc. Then it’s time to use your negotiating skills and haggle. Haggle should become your new favorite word. Say It 15 times before you go to bed and 15 more when you rise. Typically, dealers on prominent online auto buying sites like mark up the cost of the car by around $10,000- which means your target price should be somewhere around their listed price minus the $10,000. Ultimately, you’ll settle on a price (hopefully) and you’ll drive off into the sunset with your sunglasses in one hand and a beautiful lady (or man) in the other.

Buying a car is easy. Maintaining your car is hard work. When you’ve racked up a few thousand miles on your exotic car and want to get it checked out, take it to a real professional- like the professionals at Sphere Motorsports. We’ll help you get your specialty vehicle back on the road in no time flat and look good doing it.

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