11+ Unique Exotic Flower Collections Around the World


Exotic flowers are native to one region but can flourish in different geographical expanses with varied climatic conditions. There are tons and tons of exotic flowers around the world, most of which you’ve probably never seen. Some are climbers and need propping to grow, while others grow vertically without holding them up.

If you are a flower enthusiast, there are many exotic flower varieties you can have a shot at growing. You can grow them on a large scale for sale or have a few varieties in your home for a fresher look.

Here are some unique exotic flowers you can grow in your home garden or add to flower baskets for different purposes:

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1. Birds of Paradise

Birds of paradise, also known as crane flowers, are exotic flowers that bloom in orange and blue. The bloom gives them the resemblance of birds of paradise, hence the name. Sunbirds like visiting the flowers. As they move from one flower to another, they carry pollen on their feet. That way, pollination occurs to enhance seed production.

2. Tulips

Tulips are some of the most cherished exotic flowers. They originated from Tian shan in central Asia. Tulips produce large, brightly colored flowers in red, white, yellow, and pink shades. They make an excellent inclusion in flower baskets for diverse purposes.

3. Iris

The iris is a popular perennial garden flower. It is grown from rhizomes, and there is another variety grown from bulbs. The flowers are shaped like a fan. Purple and blue are the most common bloom colors, but there are pink, yellow, white, and orange varieties. Iris adapts to different habitats even though it is mostly found in arid or rocky mountainous regions.

4. Daffodil

This is a perennial exotic flower grown from bulbs. Narrow Green or blue leaves shoot from the bulb. A single hollow leafless stem arises at the center. The stem carries a single flower, commonly yellow or white. In rare cases, the flowers are green. The flowers may either droop or remain upright.

5. Aster

Aster is also a perennial exotic flower. The flower head is colorful and looks like a star. This plant has many varieties grown as garden flowers. Besides, hybrids are also available. Aster can survive in varied climatic conditions.

6. Ranunculus

Also known as buttercups or spearworts, the ranunculus plant has nearly 500 species. Most varieties bloom during spring. The blooming can go all the way to summer, and the flower petals are highly glossy.

7. Amaranth

The amaranth plant is widely used in dried flower arrangements. Common flower shades include red, pink, purple, and orange. The flowers sprout on strands that look like ropes growing from branches. Some amaranth varieties are edible, and some horticulturalists cultivate them on large scales.

8. Plumeria

The plumeria plant produces a pleasant fragrance at night. It has many varieties, most of which grow as small plants or shrubs. Even though endemic to Mexico, Brazil, and the Caribbean, plumeria is also grown in other parts of the globe. This is an interesting plant because it has no nectar but attracts months by emitting an irresistible scent at night. The moths then help pollinate the plant. 

9. Orchid

Orchids are exotic flowers with hundreds of species and hybrids. Some varieties shed leaves while others don’t. Some varieties produce single flowers while others, multiple. Orchids have an interesting pollination mechanism. They are either pollinated by insects, or they can self-pollinate. The flowers remain receptive for more extended periods to ensure continuity in pollination. The bloom is lovely and comes in purple, red, orange, pink, yellow, and more.

10. Lotus

Also known as water lily, the lotus plant is native to India, China, and Russia. The plant flourishes in water. It grows in waterlogged places and produces thousands of seeds. Some of the seeds immediately germinate while others remain dormant for long periods but eventually sprout—the plant flowers in shades like pink, yellow, purple, orange, white, etc.

11. Lilac

Lilacs are flowering woody plants popular in many home gardens. They belong to the olive family of plants and grow as small trees or shrubs. The lilac plant grows well in properly-drained soils. It is advisable to leave lilacs unpruned if you want more flowers. And the flowers are white, yellow, light purple, or pink.

12. Calla Lily

The calla lily is a perennial exotic flower that grows in ponds or river banks. It has broad arrow-shaped leaves rich in calcium oxalate. Note that ingesting the leaves may result in swelling of the tongue, lips, and throat. The flowers are trumpet-shaped and are commonly used in weddings. White, pink, yellow, and purple are the most common flower shades.

13. Anthurium

The anthurium is native to America and is propagated by cuttings or seeds. Just like the calla lily, it contains calcium oxalate and shouldn’t be ingested. Besides, the plant’s sap is irritating to the eyes and skin. However, it produces beautiful heart-shaped flowers in white, pink, green, or red shades.

14. Bull thistle

The bull thistle, also known as the spear thistle, is native to western parts of Asia, Europe, and northwest Africa. It is rich in nectar and has a rosette of leaves with a tall winged stem. The flower is either pink or purple. What’s more, the taproots of the bull thistle are edible. They can be cooked or eaten raw when the plants haven’t started flowering.

15. Pinweed

Pinweed, commonly known as redstem filaree, is another exotic flower native to North Africa. It is hairy, sticky, and produces pink flowers with dark spots—Pinweed stores seeds in a long seed pod with the shape of a stork’s beak. When the pod is ripe, it explodes to disperse the seeds carried to different places by the wind.

Final Words

Want to try growing exotic flowers in your home garden? There is a plethora of exotic flowers that produce lovely flowers. The flowers are used in diverse floral arrangements in different parts of the world. Some of the plants are not only ornamental but also edible and medicinal. Try out some of the types we’ve discussed in this article to embellish your home.

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