6 Facts You Should Know About Botox Before You Visit Your Dermatologist 

Everyone wants younger-looking and flawless skin all their life. However, the human body starts to show its aging signs after the age of thirty. So, wrinkles, frown lines are common scenarios that people face. To eliminate these aging effects, most people try all the anti-aging creams and medicines available in the market. However, these aren’t as effective as Botox. Botox injection relaxes the muscle and prevents its contraction. Generally, the wrinkles and frown lines appear due to the constant muscle contraction. So, the Botox injection or also known as botulinum toxin, safely relaxes the muscle. It should be noted that Botox only relaxes the muscle where they’re injected into. But, it doesn’t affect the surrounding muscles. Many people have misconceptions that Botox would provide a frozen look as the muscles are fully paralyzed. But, this isn’t true as Botox never fully paralyzes the muscles; there will be some movement so that people can look more natural. A lot of these things about botox are still unknown to many people. So, let’s take a look at the following facts below,

1. Botox Isn’t A Dermal Filler

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Most people are unaware of the fact that Botox isn’t dermal filler. It’s a cosmetic injectable neurotoxin that helps to relax the muscles safely. The diluted form of this botulinum toxin is found in bacteria named clostridium botulinum. Typically, the experts at Botox in Salt Lake City or any other places use this diluted form of dermal filler around the eyes, forehead, and eyebrows. It blocks the nerve temporarily so that people can’t form wrinkles due to making certain facial expressions. However, people should check where the Botox injectable comes to the clinics they’re visiting. It will help them to reduce the risk of getting contaminated, expired, or any dangerous product on their skin.

2. An Expert Should Do It

The botulinum toxin can be life-threatening if used more than a specific amount. Only the experts having years of knowledge in this field can perform the treatment efficiently. Else, it will bring a negative impact on people’s lives. So, anyone who’s considering getting a Botox treatment should find an expert at first. Sometimes people aren’t comfortable with the idea of the Botox injection going towards the eyebrows, foreheads, and eyes. But, there’s no need to stress over this issue as Botox is an FDA-approved treatment, and the procedure used is not harmful if done by experts. Millions of people have already done this treatment effectively and safely in the past. However, make sure a certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist does it.

3. There’s No Best Age For Botox

A lot of people start to treat their frown lines and wrinkles after it becomes significant. But, there’s no best age for Botox treatment. Younger patients can use this as a preventive measure and immensely benefit from Botox treatment. It entirely depends on one’s preference, facial expressions, and goals. The more one raises his eyebrows, the deeper the wrinkles get. And slowly, over time, these wrinkles become significant enough that people can’t hide them anymore. However, when people start the Botox treatment in their early 20s, they develop wrinkles and fine lines much slower than others. So, dermatologists don’t recommend any best age to start Botox.

4. Botox Isn’t A Magic

It’s essential to be realistic when preparing for a Botox treatment. Most people set up unrealistic expectations from Botox treatment and end up being disappointed. Botox doesn’t remove all the wrinkles on the face. It only removes the wrinkles that are made from facial expressions. So, if someone has static wrinkles on their face, Botox treatment will not remove all these wrinkles. So, it’s crucial to set up a realistic expectation before going for a Botox treatment.

5. It’s Important To Follow The Precautionary Steps

There are certain things that a patient can’t do immediately before taking the Botox treatment. Patients should never take ibuprofen, aspirin, or any other blood-thinning medicines before taking Botox. It’s because these drugs often increase the risk of bruising and prevent blood clotting. Also, it’s essential to avoid green tea, ginger, cinnamon, multivitamins, fish oils, and red wine a week before taking the treatment. It’s because any amount of antioxidants can prevent blood clotting and increase blood vessels’ fragility.

6. Be Aware Of Botox Buzz

Patients may experience a little temporary sensation of dizziness after the Botox treatment. Sometimes, people experience headaches. But, these are all temporary and resolves within a maximum of fifteen minutes.

These are a few facts about Botox treatment. People must be aware of the facts mentioned above about Botox before taking the treatment. This helps them to stay prepared and yield the best results from this treatment.

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