8 Reasons Why You Should Start Gardening

Makes You More Community Oriented

8 Reasons Why You Should Start Gardening

Everyone admires the scenic beauty of a gorgeous looking garden. But a garden is not only meant to be displayed in the glossy magazines. You can also start a garden of your own, whether you choose to grow flowers or vegetables. 

From healthy eating habits and psychological well-being, a garden in your backyard offers wide variety of benefits. Here’re some of the reasons why you should start a garden of your own.

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Gardening Brings Variety of Healthy Vegetables 

8 Reasons Why You Should Start GardeningWikipedia Commons

As a kid, you might have heard your doctors telling you to eat rainbow colors fruits and vegetables. While you might be interested in growing colorful flowers, but you can always grow healthy veggies in your backyard.

Did you know that vegetable starts to lose their nutritional value as soon as they are plucked from the plants? By the time you buy it from a grocery store, a lot of nutrients are already lost during the journey. When you grow vegetables at your backyard, you shorten the distance between plucking & eating, and you get the most of it. The more local veggies you can get, the better.

Many vegetable farmers use unhealthy means to grow vegetables by injecting chemicals in them. Such practices bring many diseases on the dinner table as well. You can ensure the health of your loved ones and family members by growing some in your backyard.   

Efficient Way to Exercise and Stay Fit

The reason why many people avoid starting a garden is the sheer amount of dedication and hard work it involves. But we can always look at it differently. If you find running and exercising a massive task to pull-off, how about some local workout routine? Gardening is a perfect way to stretch and exercise your dormant muscles. It involves digging, pruning, cleaning, watering, and a lot of other gardening chores that require body movement.

Moreover, if you are feeling fatigued due to the lack of vitamin D, you will get decent sun exposure. It also boosts your immunity and sets the mood.

As per a study, green spaces significantly lower the rate of diseases like depression, heart ailments, and respiratory diseases.

Nurtures learning 

There’s no greater teacher than nature itself. And gardening offers the same opportunity as well. It makes you think differently, experience more, spurs curiosity, and you get to experience life science in action.

Suppose you are growing tomato plants in your garden. You will have to get rid of the annoying weeds, boost soil fertility, watering, and other aspects of growing a tomato plant. When it grows large enough, you need to ensure that the plant doesn’t fall down due to the weight of the tomatoes. Now, you need to build structures to ensure that it stands still.

Before you get your first tomato, you would have learned a whole lot of problem-solving tricks. That’s the magic of gardening that makes you push your envelope and develop new skills and builds character.  

Reduces Grocery Bills

If you are planning on growing fruits and vegetables in your garden, you are going to save a lot on your grocery bills. Fruits and vegetables that you buy from a grocery store may face price fluctuations. While it may not seem significant at first, but if you analyze the prices of a vegetable round the year, you’ll know how badly it affects your yearly expense.

But when your garden is full of colorful vegetables, you don’t necessarily have to go out to buy them. Moreover, you can grow the best veggies suited for a particular season. Don’t worry if you end up growing way more than you could eat. Beets, onions, squash can easily be stored in cold and dark places for later use.  

Helps Kids to Learn Responsibility

Helps Kids to Learn ResponsibilityWikipedia Commons

Planting a seed, watering, and watching a plant grow is nothing short of a magical experience for a kid. The sense of ownership they get working in a garden helps them learn the meaning of responsibility for smaller things that need constant care. It’s always a great sight to watch your kids learning new things. 

As per a study, kids who spend time in garden activities have shown improved academic performances. In subjects like maths and science, which needs problem-solving capability, they may improve significantly. Gardening helps them to enhance life skills, and they develop a naturally positive attitude towards learning.

It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to teach your kids the critical aspects of gardening. Show them why the pruning of plants and trees is essential for the growth, and they’ll eventually relate it to their personal lives.

Moreover, you can always take the help of tree services Epping for the perfect pruning of trees around your place.

A Nice Way to Spend Your Idle Time 

There is no better way to spend your time than to invest it in something fruitful, like literally! People often get depressed because of boredom and lack of hobbies. Gardening is one of the easiest and efficient ways to busy oneself. The fact that it requires attention to detail in the garden, your mind is constantly evaluating different ways to make the best of your garden. It could be the best way to plant a seed, watering techniques, or if there’s a plant that needs external support for balance and other tasks. 

As per some studies, gardening has the same stress-releasing effect as that of reading. Moreover, it also sharpens your thinking ability in any situation, which requires you to think from different angles for the best results. 

Gives Sense of Achievement 

Gives Sense of AchievementPixabay

Gardening is one of the great ways to get a sense of personal growth. Irrespective of any task we involve ourselves in when we put all our blood and sweat to get a job done, it gives a great sense of achievement. The same holds true for gardening as well. As soon as you plant a seed in the ground, you set yourself on a journey that brings a feeling of self-satisfaction when you complete it. 

Did you know that the smell of dirt makes us feels happy? You must have liked the smell of dirt during the initial minutes of the rain. Soil contains a particular bacterium that targets immune cells and stimulates serotonin (makes us feel happy) releasing hormones in our brain. Serotonin acts as an anti-depressant and reduces depression.

Makes You More Community Oriented 

Makes You More Community OrientedFlickr

It is incredible how seamlessly a conversation starts among people working in a garden. Your neighbor might start giving tips to how efficiently you can maintain plants in your yard and followed by other helpful practices. And before you even know, you have become friends with them, sharing fruits & veggies, recipes, inviting them over on special occasions, and more.

In simple words, gardening helps to bring people and families together in the garden and at the dinner table.


Whether it’s healthy eating habits, learning new-life skills, building character, or pushing your limits, gardening has a wide range of benefits. It’s more than just growing foods and offers a lot of benefits to our mind & body. Moreover, gardening is an accessible way to connect with the natural world.