A Few Things You Should Know About Automation Software

FTP Hosting Servers and Automation for Backups

FTP automation software is designed for highly reliable, convenient and secure file sharing between geographically remote departments of the organization. The internal mechanisms of the program provide data transmission without distortion, even through unreliable communication channels – switched (telephone), dedicated, Internet, satellite and other channels can be used. The transmission uses the TCP / IP network protocol.

These programs are easy to use, even unprepared users can work with them. Since there is an automatic mode of the program. FTP automation can be used as a standalone product, and it can also be easily integrated with any software that needs “transport” to transfer files.

There are versions for Windows-9x / NT / 2000 / XP, Linux, FreeBSD, and MS-DOS.

In this review, I will tell you about repositories with Automate Ftp Transfer known to me. Which as well as possible are suitable for remote storage of backup copies of your sites. The topic of backups, I dedicated several articles on this blog. And earlier I wrote how to use a home router for this purpose. You can read about it from other resources. But the simplest option for most is to use free hosting with FTP access.

Safe and Secure Ftp Automation of Your Data

When choosing a server (hosting) for storing your copies, it should be understood that, firstly, other persons, including attackers, can gain access to your data. Secondly, there is no 100% guarantee of the integrity of your data, that is, the server with backup copies can also break, the hosting can cease to exist, etc.

To eliminate the first problem, you need to use complex passwords (several lines are written about strong passwords ) and use data encryption (this action is not implemented by default in most hosting control panels).

To ensure reliable backup storage should use the services of well-known companies. You should also regularly check the integrity of backups and backup error messages on the hosting control panel.

Be sure to back up to a remote server. Keep a backup site hosting site is wrong. If hosting fails, you will lose both the site and its backup copies. Local copies can only serve to roll back the status of the site for some time ago, in the event of a virus attack or if you yourself accidentally deleted something. In case of problems with hosting, when you need to urgently move to a new host, a local backup will no longer help you, as it may be unavailable.

Do not rely on the provider, regularly make copies of the site yourself and store them in a remote independent repository.

Free FTP Server

The choice of FTP server for storing backups is due to the fact that this is the most common way to transfer data, which is implemented in most hosting control panels, be it CPanel, ISPManager or VestaCP. That is, to create a backup and transfer it to a remote server, you do not need to install additional software, everything can be done directly from the control panel. Including automatic creation of backups on a schedule, for example, every day at 5 am.

Ideally, it is better to buy dedicated hosting to Automate Ftp Transfer. For example, the cloud storage in the company. But since in most of my articles I describe products and solutions that allow you to save your money.

How much free space should you have to Automate Ftp Transfer on an FTP server?

The companies described above by modern standards do not provide much space for backups. But how much you need exactly you can count yourself. To do this, make one backup copy of the site and multiply its size by the number of copies desired. For example, the backup file of this blog takes about 40 MB of disk space. And if I want to have 30 backups (1 PC for each day of the month), then I will need 1.2 GB. And both of the above services are suitable for me.