A New Kind of Fashion – Why You Should Check Out Stainless Steel Jewelry!

Stainless Steel in Every Day Life

We are all familiar with stainless steel. They’re used as frameworks of buildings and bridges, even huge transport vehicles such as ships and planes. In our homes, we often see stainless steel in our appliances, like your pressure cookers and pans, kitchen and dining ware. Stainless steel is a common metal and is always around us.

Besides its industrial use however, stainless steel is also now used in the fashion industry. It’s not that popular, as the jewelry sector is more inclined to the precious metals, like gold and sterling silver. The stainless steel jewelry industry though is growing through the years, and will probably become even more popular for the years to come.

Stainless Steel Jewelry

Is the Stainless Steel Used in the Industry the Same With the Ones Used for Jewelry?

Technically, yeah, as they’re both comprised of the same alloy, that is, iron and nickel. However, the main difference between industry grade stainless steel and the jewelry grade steel is the amount of nickel left in the alloy. Industrial grade ones still has a very high nickel content, something beneficial in the industry because of the increased durability and toughness. However, having a high nickel content is bad for your skin. It promotes allergies and often cause rashes, not to mention other serious skin reactions.

Jewelry grade stainless steel is dubbed as surgical stainless steel. As the name suggests, it is used for surgery, as it is the type of metal used for making scalpels and other surgical cutting tools.

How Come it is “Stainless?”

Iron and nickel, although tough, is highly susceptible to damages by corrosion. This problem is addressed in stainless steel by plating the metal with chromium, which then acts as a shield against corroding agents such as water and other oxidizing materials.

So whenever the metal is exposed to oxidizers, it is the chromium that gets oxidized. The result is a rust proof alloy that can withstand high pressures and is resistant to corrosion.

Why Stainless Steel?

So why should you consider stainless steel as your accessories? Well there are many reasons, but here enumerated below are some of the most important ones:

  • They’re cheap. This is usually the number one selling point of this material. It’s readily available and cheap. Besides the affordability, being cheap brings about many other advantages. Take for example the stainless steel’s number of available designs. This material covers a lot of genre, from purity script engravings to the most daring designs like the ones by KONOV. Having the material readily available allows manufacturers and designers to experiment more with their designs. Creativity and ingenuity of the designers is allowed because even if the design failed, the loss isn’t too much as compared to metals like sterling silver or gold.
  • They’re tough. Well, what did you expect with the metal that is used for buildings? Iron is by itself tough. Now partner it with nickel, another tough metal, and the result is steel. Aside from being tough, some variants of stainless steel are scratch resistant, so you wouldn’t worry about it getting scratched when you bump or drop it.
  • They’re beautiful. Stainless steel is one of a kind. It has that unique shining characteristic that looks classy and slick. Sterling silver is different. Its glow is projects an aura of luxury. Stainless steel on the other hand produces a bad-ass slick kind of look. Plus, as designers are free to experiment, there are a lot of designs and variations. Sizes, shapes, genre, and more.

What Kind of Jewelry Are Available?

Well, stainless steel is available in all kinds of accessories. For anklets and bracelets, there chains, charms, and bangles (bracelet only). Chain bracelets, like their name suggests, are made of repeated units of a single designed component. Charm bracelets are often similar to chain ones, with the only marking difference a kind of unique bead in the center (the charm). Bangles on the other hand are entirely different. They were supposed to be traditional ornaments from South Asia but since the design was great, they’re now widely used as bracelets all over the world. Brands notable in the stainless steel bracelets and anklets arena are KONOV, Fashion Connection Jewelry, West Coast Jewelry, and the Amazon Curated Collection.

The necklaces are somewhat the same with bracelets when it comes to classification, as there are charm (pendants) and chain necklaces. Brands notable here include Inox, Crazy2Shop, and more.

There are more variety in the rings arena for stainless steel, as there are script rings (with engravings), gem rings (with stones), and unique rings (vintage rings, claddagh, crown, and more). KONOV dominates the best stainless steel rings in the unique category, along with the brand Ed Hardy. Their designs are absolutely breathtaking, just take a. look at KONOV Jewelry’s Black Angel Ring and their Dragon Ring. Ed Hardy’s designs are also awesome, like their “Love Kills Slowly” script ring. Other brands notable here include Elya Designs and LanyJewelry.

The world of stainless steel jewelry is very beautiful, so why not try some the next time you shop for accessories. I promise you won’t regret it, they’re just awesome!

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