A vacation rental or a hotel? What should you go for when on a family holiday?

A vacation rental or a hotel What should you go for when on a family holiday

A vacation rental or a hotel? What should you go for when on a family holiday?

Planning a holiday with your family can turn out to be very stressful. There are so many different arrangements you have to make. One of them is finding the right accommodation. This is one important issue on which you may face a dilemma. You obviously want lodgings where your near and dear ones can relax after a long day of sightseeing. They should be able to do so without facing any problems.At the same time, you don’t want to dig too deep into your pockets. After all, you are going on such a vacation on a shoe-string budget.This leaves you with two options to choose from. You can either book a hotel room or settle for a suitable vacation rental.

Is it worthwhile to settle for a vacation rental?

A vacation rental or a hotel What should you go for when on a family holiday

Experts specializing in the field of travel and hospitality say vacation rentals are becoming very popular.People who go on holidays find such accommodation to be cheaper than most hotel rooms.This helps such holidaymakers save a lot of money which they can use for other purposes. Moreover, they use all the facilities which they normally associate with the homes. This means they can do their own laundry, keep pets and cook their own food.You also get the opportunity to explore the place you are visiting like a local. However, these professionals say it is not suitable for everyone. There are six important factors which you need to consider. These are as follows:


  • How does your family want to stay during their vacations?


Hotels generally provide you with numerous comforts. You get a glimpse of how opulent people live. However, such accommodations came at a very high price. You need to shell out a lot of money to pay for such costs.This is because the floor space of such establishments is always at a premium. This is not the case with vocational rentals. Such lodgings give travelers an authentic experience of how locals stay and go about their daily lives. They are able to connect with the community they come in contact during the duration of their holiday.



  • Room Space


Rooms in vacation rentals are generally more spacious in comparison to hotels.This is a boon for large families on holiday with their children and pets. The owners of such establishment normally provide their guests with many amenities. Such individuals can use the kitchen facilities and washing machines. They can cook their food and remain clean throughout their trip. For this, they don’t have to pay a very heavy price.  The costs are normally within their budgets. This is a far cry from what most hotels charge their customers. However, they shouldn’t expect room service. They need to carry out their own daily chores during the duration of their stay. This may not be appealing to many first-time travelers.



  • Check-in facilities


Hotels generally have more systematic check-in facilities than most vacation rentals. Travelers can book such an available accommodation even at twelfth hour. However, they need to pay a little extra for such facilities. In many cases, the rates are slightly higher than for those who book in advance. Central Park bike rental service providers say in vacation rentals the process is not so simple.Travelers need first meet the host of such properties to negotiate the price and arrangement. They also shouldn’t expect a high level of security. In many cases, the owners may give them normal keys to their rooms instead of digital ones. If these tourists lose them, they have to pay for the replacement.



  • Research


Vacation rentals come in different price ranges and sizes.The locations of such lodging are normally on the outskirts of major cities and towns. The facilities the owners of such facilities provide their guests also varies. Many tourists who want to avail such accommodation during the duration of their stay. However, they need to conduct thorough research before taking any final decision.They can take the help of the internet in this regard. This is because many of these proprietors advertise their properties on popular travel websites.Only then can they expect to value for their money. After all, they have to survive on such trips on a shoe-string budget.



  • Mode of payment


The mode of payment in the case of vacation rentals differs from that of hotels. When booking such accommodation, tourists may have to enter into a rent agreement with the owner. Only on the signing of the contract, do they pay an initial sum of money as a deposit. Such holidaymakers should also keep in mind these proprietors may only accept cash payments. This is because many of them run small establishments. They may not have the facilities to handles travelers’ cheques or plastic money. It shouldn’t come as a surprise for such travelers if the owners prefer local currency to dollars.



  • Privacy


Vacation rentals are a boon for people who don’t like disturbances and value their privacy. Unlike most major hotels, rooms of such accommodation are far apart. Such properties generally have thick walls so that these individuals don’t hear noises of elevator or HVAC. The proprietors also do hire room services personnel such as maids. This is because they expect their guests to do their own chores. However, the owners do provide the necessary facilities to help them carry out such tasks. This also explains why their prices are lower than average hotel rooms.

Vacation rentalsare ideal for holiday makers traveling on a shoe-string budget. The professionals working for Central Park bike rental service providers say many of them regard such accommodation as a home. They get the opportunity to live and explore the places they visit like locals rather than tourists. However, they need to keep their option open when it comes to choosing the right one. At the end of the day, they obviously want to get value for the amount they spend.Keeping in mind, the above six important tips can help them to achieve this objective.This won’t regret taking such a decision.

Author Bio: Sujain Thomas is a leading blog writer and expert travel photographer. She has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to Travel, Food, Lifestyle, and Photography etc.