Ways of How to Self-Rescue Your Life While Operating on Aerial Lifts safety


Self-Rescue Your Life While Operating on Aerial Lifts safety

Aerial lifts are primarily used to lift up heavy loads while working on construction sites however at times they may seize to operate while the load and the operator himself are in the air. This can be a most challenging situation for the operator especially if the person is inexperienced. It in fact becomes a testing time for the operator and this is where his knowledge and skill would play a crucial role to ensure complete safety of his life as well as for the load that he is has on the aerial lift.


Since the situation can become panicky so the lineman may not know what exactly to do while he is left stranded in the aerial lift which he is operating. Here are a few safety tips and techniques which can help save the life of the operator and also ensure safe delivery of the load which the lift is carrying.

Proper documentation

It is essential to develop and document certain policies as well as procedures for safe operating of aerial lifts that can malfunction at times. From time to time it has been found that certain corporate regulations are very vague and are unclear to the operator. It is therefore imperative that organizations develop best practices of safety guidelines that best work for the operators. These guidelines need to be crisp, to the point and easy to understand.


Regular maintenance of units and parts of the lift

Routine inspection is of utmost importance as that would add both life and durability to the lift. Also, this would ensure safe and sound operations. This also ensures proper running of the lift at all times and enhances efficiency and safety levels. Quite often breakdowns occur due to malfunction and running out of gas however with routine checkups such situations can be avoided.
The lift should have a functional electric hydraulic override

It is important that linemen should not only check if the overrides are working but they themselves should also know how to operate it. Today, most leading manufacturers are coming up with better and improved aerial lifts that have electrical hydraulic overrides installed on them. Such parts help in the some of the most challenging situations of hydraulic failure.


Be better prepared by installing a self-rescue kit or an evacuation kit on the aerial lift

Most operators are of the impression that such kits are very important since they can save the life of an operator while he is in jeopardy. The response rate and time to react is of utmost importance since it can save the life of the lineman and also ensure the safety of the cargo.


It is through training, education as well as helping the operators with the necessary equipment that can help in self-rescue operations and such guidance can be found with leading aerial lifts manufacturers.



Offer adequate training

Through proper and adequate training of how to efficiently and effectively handle the aerial lift safety can help rescue operators. Only if the person has proper training would he be able to manage tough situations. The operator needs to be made aware of safety features, what are the limitations and operational efficiency of the machine he is working on.


Further, most lift operators should be guided on installation and setting up of any self-rescue operation. Since most lifts differ from one another so trainings should be offered accordingly. And for that matter it is imperative that the person should be able to think and take action as per his surroundings and situations.


It has been found that line workers who have been properly educated and trained effectively to deal with tough situations and work on specifics can work more safely and be more productive. It is only a training firm that can offer adequate knowledge on how to proper operate lifts. In addition, such firms can also offer proper documentation of what aspects to look into and what are the safety norms that need to be managed while operating lifts.


To be prepared for emergency scenarios while on the job would mean to be able to deal with emergency of any kind and this can be established through proper training and planning. Both of these aspects are necessary and essential as it makes the aerial lift operator not only ready to take on any challenge but also assists him to handle critical scenarios with care.


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Michael Anderson is a renowned safety expert and has been highly trained on how to use aerial lifts and other lifts like boom lifts and forklifts etc. He has worked for more than 20 years on machine safety issues and is a part time consultant as well.

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