Comprehensive Guide on Printing Custom Cardboard Inserts

Comprehensive Guide on Printing Custom Cardboard Inserts

Originally posted on March 11, 2020 @ 8:38 am

Comprehensive Guide on Printing Custom Cardboard Inserts

Whether you are selling baked goods, cosmetic or apparel items, smartphone accessories or any other product, protective packaging is a must-have for sustaining the shelf life of your merchandise. The boxes for retail, food, medicines and other items should be robust enough to keep the packaged items safe from extreme weather conditions and tampering factors. Packaging for eatables should be enduring to keep the taste and texture of ready to cook meals, cereal, cakes, muffins, and other delectable delicacies intact for a significant period. The boxes should provide the necessary and additional support to items intended for delivery. Poorly packaged products are likely to get affected by heat, moisture, dust, bacteria, and shock which will not only ruin their efficacy but will put your brand’s repute at stake as well. 

Many breakable and fragile items need special protection and handling. For instance, the crockery items, sculptures, and home accessories prone to breakage. Packaging them requires custom paper box inserts along with resilient boxes. You can’t take the risk of handing over or sending such items without the protective inserts. Packaging for delicate products without inserts isn’t the right way to sell the merchandise. You should have the inserts customized along with the boxes to ensure the items reach the customers in one piece. You should have a look at the kind of inserts that are being used by your competitors to get acquainted with material choices and customizations. Signing up with an expert printing vendor would make the endeavor easier for you. You will be able to get plenty of ideas on designing and personalizing the inserts for different kinds of products. 

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Today’s article would be about getting the packaging inserts printed according to your inclinations. Hope the information helps you with the customization!

Find a Printing Professional 

Without having a reliable and professional printing partner, you will not be able to get the box inserts custom printed your way. So if you don’t know a skilled printer, the first step is to find one. You can search for options around you locally and online. If you find the services for insert printing at various online vendors’ websites to be enticing, get a few options shortlisted after comparing the samples, turnaround and other service aspects. You should then proceed to ask questions like what kind of inserts a printer can print to get an idea about the skills. 

Packaging Republic has a knack for providing premium insert printing solutions to businesses. The service provider offers personalized services at a nominal price range. 

Brief Products’ Features and Size Specs Clearly 

Once you have a dependable printing vendor by your side, you should proceed with the process and share the features and size specifications of the products you need inserts for. If there is an item that has a very flimsy texture, you need to communicate this clearly to the printing provider so that the inserts printed are resistant enough to keep the product safe on shelves and during shipping. The inserts should fit the items well if you want them to work efficiently, for that matter, meticulously discuss the size requirements with the vendor.  

Choose Printing Material Wisely 

Comprehensive Guide on Printing Custom Cardboard Inserts

Selecting the right stock for printing inserts is crucial for adding strength to them. Paper and cardboard are commonly used materials for customized inserts. If you want full-color packaging protective accessories, use cardstock for getting custom cardboard packaging inserts printed. You can discuss with the printer for getting the inserts printed in paper for products that can be protected securely using these. You should compare the thickness, durability, and flexibility of the stocks to make an astute preference. You can seek expert opinion from your packaging partner to reach a decision. 

Select Catchy Customizations 

Finishing options for the packaging inserts should be finest and captivating for enhancing their finesse and appeal. You can have matte/glossy lamination or any other customization that can add an exquisite touch to them. Let the printer help you with choosing the combo or one finishing preference that makes your inserts worth liking. For confectionery items, you can have colorful ones, for makeup products use dazzling die-cut shapes for the boxes and its protective accessories. For gadgets and other items, custom cardboard inserts should be finished according to the branding needs. 

Get the Inserts Printed in Bulk 

Having the inserts printed in bulk quantity would save you up big. You should ask for the wholesale printing services form the printer to enjoy reasonable pricing.  Having the wholesale protective inserts would also aid you with packaging and delivering the items without having to worry about getting the boxes and protective accessories printed over and over again. Make sure that you get a price deal that lets you save up some money that you can use on other endeavors. 

Inserts with your Brand’s Name 

Give your branding a boost by having your logo and business name printed on the inserts. This wouldn’t let the customers forget your brand and they will come back for trying out more of your products. You need to make sure that only the logo is printed on the inserts, don’t use them for sharing other details or get them cluttered with marketing messages; this will leave a potential bad image of your brand on the shoppers. The font style that you want to utilize for having the text printed on inserts should be clear and catchy. Talk to the printer to show you some samples that help you choose a font for the custom paper box inserts. 

Do get the different inserts with varying layouts and materials printed before selecting the one that best suits your products. Don’t make the decision hastily as you should explore all the available options to know which ones can be modified according to your needs and inclinations. Don’t compromise on the quality of inserts; they should be equally amazing as the packaging. To get the customers hooked to your offerings, provide them sought after products in worth keeping boxes with striking supportive inserts.