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A private detective or investigator is a professional who undertakes the task to investigate

matters and gather information that may help in solving criminal or civil cases. As per the

laws applicable in most states, it is essential to acquire a private investigator license in

order to practice this profession in India or anywhere else in the world.

The Role of a Private Detective in SocietyPrivate Detective Agency

The role of a Private Detective may seem fascinating, thanks to the way these

professionals are portrayed in television serials and movies, however in reality their job

is not that easy. Only a person who possesses strong will, insightfulness, ability to make

quick decisions, innovative bent of mind, resourcefulness, patience and a great sense of

direction can handle this role efficiently.

The job of a Private detective is challenging and it is very likely that one may come

across criminals, con artists and other people involved in illegal activities during the

course of investigations. Such people may persuade you to take up their cases but the

private detective must stay firm and learn how to turn their offers down. This is an art

that most private detectives learn gradually. Working on a case that forces one to break

laws can cost a private detectives his license and is certainly not worth it even if the

remuneration is high.

A private investigator’s task may involve sitting in an office cubicle to conduct

research over the internet, make phone calls and maintain case files or going out in the

field to conduct surveillance, take interviews and gather case related information and

evidences. At times he may be required to stay in a van, car or other similar solitary

confinement for long in order to conduct surveillance on cases.

The job profile of a private detective is such that it may land him / her in risky situations.

There are cases wherein the investigator must be armed in order to protect himself from

harm. Though a private investigator may seek a license to carry arms but that does not in

effect mean that they acquire police powers.

Education Requirement for a Private Detective

Though a degree in criminal justice or police sciences may be helpful in acquiring the

job of a private detective, however there is no formal education requirement for entering

this profession. Many of the private investigators in India practicing currently come from

different professional backgrounds such as insurance, accounting, finance, law, etc. Law

enforcement personnel, military officers, government auditors and intelligence personnel

usually become private investigators after retirement.

Companies operating in the private investigation space mostly seek candidates who are

reliable, bold, determined and resourceful. In order to succeed in this profession one must

also possess good communication skills and have the ability to confront others.

Training For Private Detectives

Acquiring training in subjects like criminal justice may help budding private detectives.

Candidates having a degree in business-related subjects are usually picked by established

private detectives in Mumbai

and Delhi for the position of corporate investigators. Big firms even arrange for formal

training on management structure, business practices and other related subjects for their

corporate investigators. In the US, organizations such as National Association of Legal

Investigators also give out Certified Legal Investigator designations to licensed detectives

who meet certain parameters set by them.

Licensing for Private Investigators

Private investigators in most countries including India need to have a valid license to

carry out their investigations. While some countries require these professionals to attend

training programs, others have very stringent procedures. Candidates are expected

to have a degree in police science, criminal law or justice and possess an experience

of 3 years in any related field. Not just this, the licensing authorities also assess the

candidate’s ability by conducting a written test. In order to acquire firearms permits, a

candidate needs to qualify additional requirements.

Work Environment of a Private Investigator

Private detective agencies are usually small and do not have much scope for growth

though everything depends on the management and how advanced they are in their ability

and desire to succeed. Individuals working in small detective agencies do not have a

defined rank and growth for them mostly means an increase in the salary. However,

corporate investigators who deal with a vast variety of matters related to businesses and

large corporations are flourishing and have hundreds of employees with revenues running

in the tens of millions of dollars every year.

Work Schedule of Private Detectives

Private investigators may have to follow an erratic work schedule in order to meet the

demands of their profession. Working during early morning hours, late evening hours,

on Sundays and other holidays is quite common for these professionals. The job is quite

demanding and private detectives are often faced with the challenge of maintaining a

balance between their professional and personal life.

Services offered by Private Detectives

Contrary to popular belief, private investigators are not only hired to keep an eye on

suspects or to gather evidences but may also offer services such as celebrity protection,

pre-employment verification, etc. They also help attorneys and lawyers in cases

pertaining to personal injury and civil liability, child custody, criminal defense cases,

premarital screening, divorce and cases related to insurance claims.

Equipment Used by Private Detectives

Equipments such as binoculars, still and video cameras, smart phones apps and digital

audio and video recorders are mostly used while conducting surveillance. Private

investigators also obtain information about their suspect’s prior arrests, civil legal

judgments, contact numbers, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. Computer database

searches come handy while looking for such information.

Employment opportunities for Private Investigators

This profession is attracting more and more educated and qualified individuals these days

and thus competition is growing. Those seeking entry level jobs in the field or opting for

field detective jobs have good prospects and may shine in their profession provided they

show dedication, commitment and motivation to learn and excel.

The employment opportunities for private detectives saw a rise in this year and is likely to

see an upward trend in the years to come. This is because as India’s economy grows by

leaps and bounds, there is a corresponding increase in crime rates, litigation, divorce

cases and the need for the public and corporations to guard valuable assets, intellectual

property and confidential information. Private investigators are seeing a surge in demand

for their services by multinationals and small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs

for keeping a check on financial losses, observing competitor’s activities and averting

industrial spying.

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Detect CCTV hidden Cameras infographic

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