Eleven Amazing House Cleaning Tips No One Would Tell You

House Cleaning In Houston Tx

Your home is your most precious asset and you do everything that you can to keep it in the best shape, shining and elegant. Cleaning around in your home is one thing that you get concerned with every day.

While you hire professionals for house cleaning in Houston, TX, or anywhere else you live, time and again, what about the basic and daily cleaning tasks? Do you get enough time to work through some tricky cleaning tasks? Well, here, we provide you with some amazing cleaning tips that you wouldn’t have heard anywhere else:

1. Disinfecting Your Sponges

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While you use your sponges to clean a lot of stuff in your home, like dishes, utensils, and even countertops, what about the cleaning of the sponges? Turn on your microwave, put in the sponge, and after 90 seconds you can get it disinfected.

2. Steam Clean Your Microwave

Wiping off the grease from within the microwave is a big task. No need to do this, when you can just do it in a simple way. Put water in a bowl inside the microwave. Turn it on for 5 minutes and let the steam do its work. Now wipe the grime easily with a cloth.

3. Clean Shoe Scuff Marks

Does your shoe leave scuff marks on your vinyl flooring? Just use a clean and dry tennis ball and erase the scuff mark with an easy and quick rub.

4. Painting Roller for Dusting Ceiling Fans

Dusting ceiling fans is a big task for anybody. No more worry, as you can have the simple paining roller do this job. Wrap a dry sheet on the roller, secure the ends with a rubber end. Now you can attach an extension handle to it and carry out the cleaning task easily.

5. Disinfecting Coffee Maker

When you use the coffee maker on a daily basis, you don’t usually deep clean it on a regular basis. This makes the coffee maker a breeding ground for bacteria. You can clean all that easily with just using vinegar once a month. Use four tablespoons of white vinegar, mix it in water, pour in the coffee maker, and run it. Then pour that out. Now, use only water and run it and get rid of the vinegar smell.

6. Cleaning Water Stains on the Glass

Water stains on the glass is also a big problem many people are worried about. Here, too, vinegar will get the job done for you. Mix it in water, apply on the glass. Let it sit for a few minutes. Now scrub it away using a toothbrush. Then rinse and wipe the glass.

7. Microfiber Does the Polishing Work Effectively

When you are done with the cleaning of your home countertop, tiles, mirrors, and fixtures, all you want is them to shine. But this won’t happen itself. For this, a microfiber cloth will do the work efficiently. Just apply them on the surface and the objects after they are dried and you will see the change.

8. Cleaning Grime from Pans

With continuous usage, the grime will get stuck to your pans. This may be a tough thing to handle during the cleaning process. But you don’t have to worry, as a dry sheet will do. Now put the dirty pan in the sink, with warm water, soap, and dry sheet. Now just leave it for about an hour, after which rinse it through with clean water and you will see the result.

9. Baking Soda for Plates

Using a knife and fork with plates leaves them with unsightly scratches. How do you get rid of these? This won’t be done using the general cleaning method. However, the baking soda will work for you. Use baking soda and mix it with water to create a paste. Now apply the paste into the scratches. Leave for some time and then rinse it away.

10. Cleaning the Blender

You would know how difficult and a perilous task it is to stick your hand in a blender and take that leftover out all with the blades creating the hurdle. Why not make the blender clean it itself. Create a mix of water, baking soda, and soap and pour it in the blender. Now run the blender for a minute and then rinse it. The job will be done.

11. Keep the Nasty Odors Away from Garbage Disposal

This is one thing you would be familiar with. However, you won’t have to worry anymore as we have the solution for it. When turning on the garbage disposal, just put in some cut lemons and you will get rid of all the bad odors.

These are some tricky but very handy and effective cleaning tips that will do a lot of good for you. These methods don’t require much effort and can be implemented easily. For all the major cleaning tasks, hire a professional for house cleaning in Houston TX, or wherever you live.

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