How Live Stream Shopping is Transforming Global eCommerce


The behaviour changes as the format changes. It occurred with the shift from mom-and-pop shops to department stores, and it happened again when the first eCommerce businesses opened. It is currently happening with Livestream Shopping.

Authenticity is important to over 90% of millennials when deciding on a brand to which they would be loyal. Yes, brand loyalty still exists. 

What better medium to demonstrate the genuineness of your brand than Live Video Shopping also known as Live Stream Shopping? With Live commerce flourishing all over the globe and expected to continue growing in 2021 and beyond, you can bet that live video shopping will become a necessity in the future. 

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Live video shopping allows customers to get a better understanding of products or services they are interested in. It also gives brands a voice via an individual in front of a camera. The presenters will most likely be product-savvy, but they will also need to reveal their real personalities to be effective at what they do. Live commerce allows businesses to connect with their consumers right where they are without having to step out of their comfort.

Hence we can say that more genuine retail experiences are being created through Live Video Shopping and it’s the right time to get started with this trend.

The path to success is via Live Commerce

Livestream e-commerce generates immediate interaction from the large number of viewers viewing a live shopping show. They will engage with you in real-time leading to improved customer engagement. Communicating in real-time with customers fosters a feeling of belonging to a community. It fosters a genuine community around your brand and products.

Many markets that were previously closed to online sales are now being opened up via Live Commerce. For starters, the Covid-19 epidemic has impacted these businesses. But, more crucially, they need a new method of marketing their products. A tool that is more experience-based. There is now one. Shopping in real-time.

Live Commerce is an excellent medium for marketing to Millennials and Generation Z

Today Millennials and Generation Z are increasingly utilizing live online shopping platforms to buy in real-time. 

Why? Because it’s more enjoyable, authentic, and genuine. These generations spend the majority of their time on digital platforms.

Unlike eCommerce platforms, live commerce platforms include analytics that carefully examines your target audiences’ social activity and tells you about what works best for them so that you may enhance the content of your live shop.

According to recent research, shoppers are almost 5 times more likely to react to a discount offer on mobile than on desktop. Social commerce systems are intended to run well on smartphones, and consumers find it easier to access online stores from them. It is, therefore, simpler for companies to contact their target demographic in this manner.

Hence it makes sense to design a user experience that these generations demand. 

Live commerce isn’t your gran’s QVC

One thing we’ve heard a lot of folks say is that Live Shopping in the USA is similar to QVC. It is not the case. Similarly, the Internet was not like a large newspaper. And YouTube was not a major television network.

Yes, it utilizes identical technologies, but the result is significantly different owing to interaction, distinct user demographics, and different logistics underlying eCommerce fulfilment. Live commerce or Live Online Shopping fundamentally alters the way we connect and trade.

It links consumers’ purchasing habits with their social networks, allowing businesses to increase sales of their goods and services by using live streaming shopping platforms.

Bring new vitality to brick-and-mortar businesses

Until 2020, there was a phrase that accurately described the destiny of brick-and-mortar stores: the retail apocalypse. Brands suddenly shuttered. 

At, we believe that the conventional shop will be transformed into something even more experience-based. We think that the shop of the future will be a location where people can virtually experience products and have fun. Yes, eCommerce shops have mastered the methods of fulfilment, but the physical and mortar store will continue to exist as the online-offline nexus for real shopping, either in person or online.

To summarize

Live shopping is transforming the globe. It is bringing sectors that have never sold digitally online. It fills the gap between online and in-store shopping. It makes celebrities out of regular individuals who have a strong desire to sell., a live streaming shopping platform,  will provide you and your customers with the finest in class Livestream shopping experience. 

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