How to Properly Wash and Care for Your Single and Double Bed Sheets?


What is the most important thing at the end of the day after you come home from a big and hectic day at work (of course other than food)? Having a proper sound sleep. And for good sleep, your bed, mattress and bed linen all matters a lot. The sound your sleep is the better your health and the fresh and energetic you will feel the next day.

Do not overlook the importance of your bedsheet. It is as important a consideration as your bet mattress. After you have chosen the best quality and premium brand bedsheet, make sure that you are also giving a proper thought on how you take care of your bedsheet on a regular basis. After all, it is for your daily use.

So, how do you take proper care of your single or double bedsheet? Read on to know and follow the below mentioned caring tips:

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  1. Caring Depends Entirely on the Fabric Type

Is your bedsheet made from cotton, or cotton-polyester blend, or silk, linen or even bamboo? Each fabric has its own characteristics what caring and washing methods work with one type of fabric may not work with the other. So, ensure that you know what the fabric blend is, and how this fabric has to be cared for.

  1. Read the Caring Instruction Label

Like any other clothing item or other items, your bedsheet also comes with a manufacturer care recommendation. This is a brief that should be read and taken note of fully. Implement washing and care practices according to this.

  1. Wash Sheets Separately

Like you wash your white clothing separately from coloured clothing, your sheets should be washed independently from other clothing items, including towel. This helps to keep sheets away from any damage risk posed by clothing fasteners or zippers, and getting affected by other clothing colour. Washing your sheets alone means that these circulate better in water, and so get much cleaner in the end.

  1. Treat Stains before Washing

This is a step that is similar to how you wash stains on other clothing. However, you must ensure to not use any bleach to clean the stains on the sheets, as it may be damaging for the fabric. Check and follow the right stain washing technique for your bedsheet.

  1. Specialized Washing for Each Fabric Type

For silk and linen sheets, use specialized detergent; for cotton and cotton-blended sheets use mild detergent. And for white sheets, using a few drops of lemon juice added in water to wash sheets will make the linen whiter.

  1. Wash Gently in Your Washing Machine

Washing machine provides different wash modes. For your sheets, ensure that you are using gentle cycle with lukewarm or cool water. The sheets should be reduced just after the wash cycle is completed.

  1. Air Drying Sheets is Recommended

Drying your sheets in air rather than your clothes dryer is a better option, for the quality and finesse of sheet fabric. But ensure that it is not dried in front of direct sun.

  1. Wash Your Sheets Frequently

If you live in a humid climate, then it is recommended that you wash your sheets more often (weekly). Your bedsheet lies on the bed catching all sorts of dust, dirt, body oils, skin cells and body fluids, along with fecal material too. When you leave your sheet on the bed for longer period, more such particles get accumulated on your linen, damaging the fabric and reducing the life of the sheet.

  1. Keep Yourself Clean Also

Bathing before you take to bed means you are taking less dirt and dust to the bed, and thus reduce the chances of such particles accumulation on the sheet. Always ensure that you have multiple sheet sets which are rotated regularly.

  1. Take Proper Care of Special Fabric Sheets
  • Silk is a special fabric, and therefore it would require more care on your part than other fabric type sheets. For silk sheets, the preferred mode is hand wash or if you are washing in machine then use delicate cycle.
  • Sheets made from linen can be washed at higher temperature than other fabric types. Wash these more frequently so as to make them softer with time. Ensure that linen sheets are kept out for drying for a shorter time as linen dries more quickly.
  • If you live to use bamboo sheets for your bed, then you should know that these natural fibres must be washed using mild soap or detergent. Also, look for special detergents in market that come for washing such type of natural fibres. Use gentle cycle, and should avoid using any kind of bleach.


These are some effective caring and washing tips for your bedsheets. When you are looking for new bed sheets online, then you should also go through complete caring and maintenance instructions with respect to the fabric type, as well as weather in your region.

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