The interesting iPhone 6 iSight-2 Camera and Price Range Revealed

When it comes to the camera in smartphones then two brands come in the front. Here two brands are referring to Sony and Nokia that had proven in past few months that they are best in creating mobile camera sensors. And now here comes the rumor for the camera sensor in iPhone 6 that how it is going to be interesting and what would be new that will make it best among all.

iPhone 6 iSight

While most of the leading smartphone manufacturers try to maximize the number of pixels in camera phones, Apple is not trying to keep up with the number of pixels and improves image quality at the expense of image stabilization and software to improve the quality of the frame.

Recall that the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S5 is equipped with a 16 megapixel camera, Sony and Nokia – 20 MP, and the iPhone 6 will be modest with 8 megapixel camera, but with an aperture of f/2.0 and larger sensor (1/2.6″) – such improvements can improve image quality in low-light mode. Introduced last year iPhone 5S got 8megapixel camera with a lens f/2.2.

In addition, iPhone 6 plans to equip the optical image stabilization and a number of software improvements that will bypass the current flagships on the results of the photo and video.

To improve the quality of shooting, Apple has decided to increase the staff responsible for the development and optimization of smart cameras. On, 9th of February there were such vacancies from Apple to take another 15 specialists in this regard. And now you can guess how much iPhone new iSight sensor would be improved and it will be again a revolution in the market.

Now, if we talk about the price range of the next Apple iPhone. Analysts believe that there might be an increase in the production cost of next iPhone and it will increase the cost of the latest model of the iPhone 6 for about $100.

The whole point is that the production of the latest smartphone model costing the company more than the issue of the previous models. Nevertheless, the cost of the gadget was maintained at the same level. The Apple has analyzed the situation with recent models of last generation iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, concluded that the difference of $ 100 is negligible and is not critical when choosing a smartphone, this explains the lower demand for plastic version iPhone 5c.

Recall that during the six years the cost of the entry-level iPhone Apple was $199 bundled with a specific contract operator. And price of models with more memory increased with $100 respectively. So, iPhone 5s with memory 16 GB has minimum cost – U.S. $ 199 model and with 32 GB of memory is estimated at $299, and the phone with 64GB cost $ 399. But this is not the limit.

In 2007, the price of the iPhone was even higher – $ 499 for a model with 4 GB of memory, increase memory gadget 2 times led to an increase in its cost to $599. Although a few months later cost of iPhone 8 GB of memory was declined to the level of $ 399, and a model with 4 GB of memory in general was removed from production. And iPhone 3G with 16 GB of memory was introduced in 2008 at $499.

If we take into account the fact that the production of iPhone 6 will cost the company same as of previous generation iPhone then there would not be special innovations, and but if there will be a special display – screen size will increase and sapphire layer of protection from scratches and cracks – it is possible to agree with the statements to analysts, the price of the iPhone 6 would be definitely more than the expectations. And if it would happen then other brands would try to take the benefit because of the price gap and the expected phones that will launch along with iPhone 6 are Galaxy Note 4, LG G3 and Nexus 6. And with not a single doubt, Google Nexus 6 can win the race with its best price and performance ratio as expected.



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