How Lawyer makes Rich beggars

Why Lawyer gain Importance 
The word Lawyer is familiar to every one just way Face book is Familiar to world. Even if we decide to avoid Lawyers in
life we cant do it.

Lawyers are so famous that there presence is felt everywhere for eg. If we decide to change tv channel just to avoid world of Lawyers or watch good romantic movie where there is only love,but fact is we are bound to see at least one Lawyer or advocate who has crucial role in script of that lovely romantic film.

You may be lucky ones in this planet if you have never-ever have met or dealt or felt heat of Lawyer or advocate. considering fact that even Google ranks word,phrase related to word Lawyer or advocate in google searches such is craze.


How Lawyer strategy Works
Like me ,many will agree that fees of  say philadelphia lawyer can make you beggar as they can charge beyond limits compare to top professional like doctor & engineer.
Im myself engineer but fact that Lawyer can make you beggar is because no one monitors salary or income of Lawyer per case 
So ,any person who needs to win case naturally never knows what will be end result of case.
He just feed Lawyer in the name of cash day & night to win & get all he wanted in life when matter is in the court.
Now a days when Recession is very close issue  to everyone’s heart  that even a Doctor,Engineer can’t really deny this fact still after getting most honourary degrees .
How Lawyer makes Rich beggarsThay has to think twice about there weekend budget plans why because its money honey.
But considering lethal impact of Recession,its strange that Lawyer are totally happy with or without Recession.
Know how Lawyer makes Rich beggars
Even if the American stock market goes down,or inflation oil prices shoots up ,Lawyers simply leave client if client doesn’t have the money to pay the case or changing lawyers is mostly due to huge fees charged by lawyers.
It doesn’t matter much to them whether poor client case can somedays make them hero.
So, no worry for them if they loose clients ,they know very well many people needs them &
That’s why Lawyers gets one offer after the other considering facts that there are millions of cases pending for justice.
So,case becomes Rich Lawyer versus poor Lawyer why????? .Its simple if you can’t afford Lawyers ,then Lawyer can’t afford poor clients.
 Lawyer Devil 
Its shocking many clients agree in the world that paying fees of Lawyers had made them it can be said that once Rich  clients becomes poor clients due to the fees charged by Rich Lawyer .
Rich Lawyers basically are well versed and attains reputations that they charge certain fees that even poor can’t ever pay.So poor has only options to approach cheap Lawyers or poor Lawyers.
So, poor Lawyers who charge low fee’s are really freshers in the field of advocacy & poor Lawyers just negotiate price with clients even if he has no income .
They simply are in the process of trials & errors where expert Lawyers is his competitor .So, it is quite evident that case is fixed as result highy qualified Rich Lawyers easily wins case for his Rich  clients.
But,the real joke is that even if case is lost poor client gets fees that is quite good amount even in Recession.
Like many I’m also victim of this false justice lawyers who just rape justice when they actually are well settled in life just to earn & earn.
Today Where are good  Lawyers ?????? Are they around you or rich people .No,well many will agree that such jealous money making Lawyers had never ever solved real problems of poor.
They just wan’t to win case without any ethics & free many corrupt politicians,underworld criminals ,etc..
In other worlds, Lawyers are the real criminals of society who proclaim themselves as savouir of Justice

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