London bouncy castle hire-Reviving Your Memories Of Childhood In A Party

london bouncy castle hire

Are you planning to have an outstanding party event? Give your party a captivating look and a nostalgic environment by choosing “childhood” as the theme for your next party. When choosing a party date, remember that during the holidays others may be planning party events as well You are never too old to trace back the golden moments that you spent many years before and you can add an extra dimension to your party if you can call at least some of your childhood friends. Here are the basics on arranging such an occasion…

A children’s party is generally different, on the other hand. Mostly, children will come to the party along with their parents so there will be a great variability of foods compared to adult’s parties. You can discuss with your caterer how to give your kid and his or her friends more surprises. Remember that your choice of party is always an event for the party caterer that he can adjust to.

london bouncy castle hire

If you want to organize a child theme based adult party, it is just as same as running a children party where the food items and games are same but on a bit bigger scale. There you just need to have a handy camera to capture the live events and make an unforgettable memories

#1: Invitations

Set the invitations just same as the proper children’s party. Prepare the guest list and choose your invitations. To get a proper theme based party specify the dress code of the guest in that invitation. Send the invitations as early as possible so your guests can get the time for shopping. Don’t forget to provide all details of you that your guests can manage RSVP.

#2: Entertainment

Entertainment is the most essential part that brings smiles to the faces of your guests. In such adult parties a set of reviving playful fun games is one of the authentic and joyous activities that your guest can have experienced. You can play some music that related to your childhood memories can also work. Now online shopping of toys are new trends which have a childish image and can be a great fun to make your party more fun making. Also, you can think of arranging an adult bouncy castle to enjoy a careless joyride over it. There are a number of reliable London Bouncy Castle Hire agencies that can offer you just the thing that you might be looking for. But before hiring a any bouncy castle hire agencies will influence the actual cost you will end up having to pay the event-party planner. There are also a number of shops that sell various fun gadgets for entertainment. You may also buy nostalgic, fun and collectible Robots, Clockwork tin toys, Classic Tin Winds Ups, Plastic Wind Ups and many more collectible and traditional fun toys. These toys are perfect for the adult in your children theme based adult party.

#3: Clothing and costumes

To dress up as your favorite character that you used to imagine in your infancy days can add up more fun dimension in your party. You can also hire fancy costumes and dress up items. They also sell Gloves, Hats, Noses, Glasses, Moustaches & Beards and a complete lot of gent’s and ladies costumes as well. You can have got costumes, accessories and wings too where the adults costumes include TV and movie characters, occupational and fantasy costumes.

#4: Party Product& Decoration

In a large party, a small mistake can end up costing more than the fees of a planner. So, it is important to decorate your party glorious and attractive. Decorations are easy in this type of parties where you can consider of having a color theme for the decorations, food and tableware as well. This can be the favourite color of yours, a much liked children’s movie or a cartoon character.

#5: Party Foods

Play some traditional children games such as musical chairs, piñata, treasure hunt, pass the parcel etc. you have to choose some comfortable games for the guests of your party where you can arrange a bouncy castle unit. make a list that you could present to your food caterer just to make sure everything will run smoothly like what sort of entertainment there would be, the music for the mood of the party and even the set-up the party would likely to be, most of the time children’s party involves a huge number of junk foods. You can also arrange some healthy but tasty food items like sandwiches, pastas etc. Ideas of some food are as follows:

  • Fairy breads

  • Sausage rolls as well as party pies

  • Cup cakes

  • Lollies

  • Fruit platters

  • Sandwich platters

  • Ice cream cake

  • Brightly coloured punch and soft drinks.

Wish you to have a blast as well as joyous party event.


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