A shopaholic girl’s guide to online shopping

An article looking at how online shopping can be almost as good fun as buying goods in store. This article looks at the pros and cons of online shopping.

guide to online shopping

Even before the days of IKEA, it was common for your neighbours to own some of the same items as you. From everyday cushions to expensive glassware, you could often be sure that someone you knew had bought the same product as you if you bought it in your local town however hard you had tried to find something unique and individual.

The advent of online shopping has meant that we are able to find goods for our home from almost any country of the world without moving from the sofa. So whether you are looking for an authentic handmade Nepalese rug or a Peruvian poncho, the beauty of the internet allows you to find the exact item you are looking for. Even if you are looking for everyday items such as finding cheap wardrobes to house your dresses or a shoe rack to tidy up your shoes, browsing a few online sites can allow you to find items that appeal to your character and the individuality of your home.

As well as not having to leave your home to find the product you are looking for, the anonymity of the internet allows you to find the best price for it. If you need something to arrive quickly too then you can also search for companies that can deliver your product quickly to your home. For the more environmentally aware of us, online shopping can also allow us to research the items and the methods used to create the product so we can be assured that no animals or children have been exploited in the process.

However much the internet does offer us, it does not allow us to touch and feel the products before we buy them. More and more independent review sites are appearing on the web to allow consumers the chance to find out how other people have got on with the product you are looking to buy. Quite often the company’s own website will only have positive reviews on the product so be sure to find a review site away from the company website to be sure you are getting an honest review.

Credit card fraud has been an issue for some online shoppers too. Make sure the companies you buy from are reputable and have a secure payments page. Ensure their website displays details of being part of a security verified secure scheme.

Don’t email your credit card number to anyone if you encounter any issues with paying for your goods online and if something doesn’t feel right about the site when you are purchasing your transaction then close the page down and start your search again.

Returning items can be an issue sometimes too so make sure you read the returns policy on the website before you purchase any items.

Written by Smith is a freelance writer, who writes regularly on issues relating to the home. He is a self confessed online shopaholic and will always use the internet whether it is to find cheap wardrobes or the weekly grocery shop.

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