Sports Betting: More Like Gambling or a Financial Investment?

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about certain states in the United States legalizing sports betting and online gambling. When it comes to sports betting, many have even been discussing how it is very much like an ‘investment’ so to speak and how odds such as the Betfair odds represent the risk vs. reward equation.

For most people, it may even appear to make sense at first glance. That being said, when you look a little closer you’ll begin to realize that there are differences between the two that may actually make the comparison a rather weak one.

Gambling or a Financial Investment

Sports Betting as an Investment

The reason why sports betting invariably ends up being classified as somewhat of an investment is the fact that there are several commonalities between the two.

Just like an investment, a serious sports bettor would study the risks and weigh them against the potential rewards before choosing whether or not to place a bet.

In order to do so, experienced bettors would frequent news websites and pay attention to the most recent developments that may affect the outcome of their bet.For example, a sports bettor interested in betting on soccer may frequent a site such as SoccerLens.

Frankly speaking, the only difference between sports betting and a financial investment in the stocks market is the fact that with one you are technically purchasing something (no matter how fluid it may be) on the chance that its value increases, whereas with betting you’re simply putting a stake on a particular outcome.

No Small Difference

What many people don’t realize is that that one difference is actually a big one. When buying into financial investments, even if the value decreases it still retains some measure of value regardless.On the other hand with sports betting, a loss means that you’ll lose your entire stake.

As such, comparing sports betting to a financial investment really does hold very little water. While it is true that there are certain similarities between the two, there are also vast differences that separate

The main similarity between the two is simply the idea of ‘risk vs. reward’. However, it must be said that this is something present in practically every sort of bet, investment, or even in the very basic choices that people make on a daily basis. Considering that, it isn’t really that unique a trait at all.

In all honesty, the only reason to regard sports bets as a financial investment of sorts is if you intend to financially plan the amounts that you’re spending on betting. Under those circumstances, it might be very beneficial to regard it as a financial investment and consider very carefully the amounts that you’re betting as well as the potential returns that you stand to gain.

All said and done, it is important to always keep the differences between sports betting and financial investments in mind – regardless of how you look at the former. Also it will help to learn how to interpret and analyze sports odds, such as the ones Betfair odds that are available on their website.