Summer Season Treks in India

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With the onset of summer the scorching heat of the sun and the rising temperature of the environment make it difficult to bear. The people who like adventures, tours and travels usually move to colder regions during summer to spend a memorable vacation and escape the heat.

Trekking during summer also has its advantages, the snow-clad mountains which remain covered with snow during the winter seasons now start melting and provide a beautiful view of the mountains and its ranges, peaks, forests etc.  Since in the colder regions the temperature remains balanced .ie. Neither too cold nor too hot which makes the trekking comfortable for the trekkers.

Things to Carry

Before discussing the treks, one should always be aware of the materials and equipment which are essential during trekking. They are listed as:

  • Pair of Gloves
  • Woolen Hat
  • Extra trousers, tracksuits
  • Lightweight boots
  • Toilet paper
  • Trekking sticks
  • Water Bottle
  • Sun glasses 
  • Torch, candles
  • Lighters


Top 5 Summer Season Treks in India 

1. Valley of Flower Trek

The Valley of flowers trek is an outstanding and an amazing trek loved by the people around the world, and so it is also known as one of the most beautiful treks present in the world. This trek is located at an altitude of about 3600m above the mean sea level in the West Himalayan region. The speciality of the Valley of Flowers trek is that the trekkers get the opportunity to experience a diverse variety of flowers, some of the rare species in the world, rich biodiversity and fauna, beautiful mountain ranges, valleys, grasslands and many more. There is also the Valley of Flowers National park which contains some of the endangered species found in the region. The famous Nanda Devi Peak, which is considered as the second highest peak in India, can be clearly seen from the Valley of Flowers.


2. Parang La Trek

Parang la Trek is one of the best treks to be done during the summer season. The Parang la trek is located in the Ladakh region at an altitude of about 14,000ft to 18,300 ft above the mean sea level. This trek is considered as one of the most challenging treks by the trekkers. This trek is basically for the expert or experienced trekkers and not advisable for the beginners. The total trekking will take about 9 days to complete. Parang La provides an amazing view of some of the highest mountain peaks of Ladakh.  During this trek one can find beautiful meadows, grasslands, rivers like Pare Chu River, forest with oak trees, old Buddhist monasteries etc.  the trek will begin from Kaza, which is basically an administrative point for the Spiti Valley.

Brief description about the trek:

Day 1: From Kaza to Ki and hrom Ki to Dumla – Total trekking length will be 18 km which will take around 4 hours to complete

Day 2: From Dumka to Thaltak camping site – Present at an altitude of about 14,990 ft and usually takes 3-4 hours to complete

Day 3: From Thaltak Meadow to Jagtha and then From Jagtha to Bongrojen – present at an altitude of about 16,780 ft and usually takes 7 hours to complete

Day 4: from Bongrojen to Parang la – it is present at an altitude of about 18,920 ft | and then  from Parang La to Dak Karzong – it is  present at an altitude of about 16,200 ft which will take approximately 5 hours to complete

Day 5: From Dak Karzong to Datang Yongma – it is located at an altitude of about 15500 ft and takes 5-6 hours to complete

Day 6: Datang Yongma to Chumik Shilde- it is present at an altitude of about 14,869 ft and takes around 5-6 hours

Day 7: Chumik Shilde to Tso Moriri – present at an altitude of about 15,075 feet and takes 5 hours approximately

Day 8: from Tso Moriri to Korzok – present at an altitude of about 14850 ft

Day 9: From Korzok to Leh – it’s a 5 hours trek


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3. Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek provides you the opportunity to experience the amazing view of the Pir Panjal Ranges. Here we will be trekking through some of the highest mountain passes. This trek will let you experience the exciting camping nights, beautiful snow clad mountains and valleys, charming alpines and many more.

Brief description of the trek:

Day 1: Reaching at  the Manali camping site

Day 2: Jwara camping site

Day 3: Jwara to Balu ka Ghera – located at an altitude of about 12000 ft.

Day 4: Balu ka Ghera to Shea Goru

Day 5: Shea Goru to Chatru

Day 6: Return to the base ( Manali Campsite)


4. Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu lake trek is a high altitude trekking route mostly cherished by the experienced trekkers. The trek is beautiful with moderate levels of difficulty. The Bhrigu lake trek is named after the famous Bhrigu lake. This trek is located in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh. The trek duration is basically of 4 days and present at an altitude of 14,000 ft above the mean sea level. The Total trekking distance will be approximately 25 km. In this trek one could trek to the beautiful Manali Hills as well. There will be frozen lakes, peaks, beautiful mountain ranges, valleys, forests, meadows etc. which will surely mesmerize the visitors during the summer season. Some of the important spots are : Mount Hanuman Tibba, Seven Sister Peaks, Indrasen and Deo Tibba, besides the beautiful scenery and landscape these are the special attractions of the Bhrigu lake trek.

A brief outline about the trek is given below:

 Day 1:  Manali to Gulaba(driving) and from there trekking to Gulaba Meadows campsite

Day 2: From Gulaba Camping site to Rola Khuli

Day 3: From Rola Khuli to Bhrigu lake and then back to Rola Khuli camping site

Day 4: From Rola Khuli campsite to Gulaba and finally drive for Manali.


5. Pin Parvati Trek

The Pink Parvati Trek is located in the Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of about 5,319 ft above the mean sea level.  The total trekking duration will be 8-9 days and the total distance will be around 110 km. The main attractions of the trek are old Hindu Temples, Green valleys, forests, mountain ranges, meadows, waterfalls and streams.

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