The Top Features Every Home Cook Needs in Their Kitchen

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If you’re an avid home cook, known in your family and social circle for your amazing culinary skills and often asked to supply food for gatherings, then you should have a kitchen that’s up to par. In other words, your kitchen should actually provide everything you need to live up to your best cooking potential. This includes great technology, amazing features for easy cooking and cleanup, and the best storage solutions. These are the top features that every home cook or great cook in the making needs in their kitchen.

A Great Cooktop or Rangetop

Unlike mixed stove/oven appliances, a built-in cooktop or rangetop sits directly in your countertops, for better maneuvering around the appliance. With easy controls and a wider cooking area, you can have more burners and extra features like a griddle that enable you to do your best work. For best results, invest in a gas appliance. If you’re interested in teaching kids to cook alongside you, try upgrading to an induction range, which is a family safe alternative.

Pull-Out Storage

While most traditional kitchen cabinetry includes simple drawers and spacious cabinets, pull-out storage is a great upgrade that allows you to store more and access it better than ever. Pull-out storage allows you to extend deep cabinet space outward so you can easily reach your cookware, cooking utensils, spices, and all of your other home cook necessities. Pull-out storage is a great solution for lower cabinetry because you don’t have to worry about your cooking storage materials getting lost in hard-to-see back space. Pull-out cabinets also make best use of awkward corners and cabinets directly next to major appliances.

Superior Countertops

Finally, every home cook needs great countertops. Most of the work needed in order to produce great meals happens outside the pan on cutting boards and other prep spaces. So make sure your countertops are up to the task. Try upgrading to quartz countertops, which are made from real quartz stone crushed into durable resins. The combination makes them non-porous for easy cleanup, and gives them the durability to handle more heat, pressure, weight, and blunt force than any other countertop option. A quartz warehouse in Sandy Springs will carry a wide variety of styles and colors that resemble real marble or granite.

If you want to make your kitchen more cooking-ready, first upgrade to high-quality, beautiful, and long-lasting quartz. Visit a quartz warehouse in Sandy Springs to explore your options and find the perfect fit.


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