Things to Avoid When Hiring A Med Answering Service

Things to Avoid When Hiring A Med Answering Service


Things to Avoid When Hiring A Med Answering Service


Being a physician, the toughest part that you get to handle is the management of incoming calls from patients. Even when your clinic door shuts, you are still busy answering the phone calls and resolving the queries of your patients. Sometimes the overflow of the calls, emails, and voice messages becomes too overwhelming for an individual to respond. The only hitch is that you can’t even refrain yourself from attending these calls as it could be an emergency for your patient. After all, you have taken an oath of saving people’s life at any condition prior to choosing the profession. A majority of doctors sacrifice their own life in order to make their patients feel attended. Even in your clinic, your responsibility doesn’t end after diagnosing your patient. 


However, you have to make your patient feel attended, cared, to make them trust you. If you have previously considered hiring in-house staff to handle the miscellaneous activities, you must be aware of the cost pertaining to it. So, undoubtedly this is not an ideal option. Rather you can hire a professional med answering service to handle your daily tasks like taking calls, responding to emails, scheduling appointments, etc. They are competent enough to provide you with a quality hand in managing your daily hassle. However, you can’t hire any random answering services, right? There are certain things that you need to avoid while hiring in order to land on the best ones. So, let’s take a look at the following things that you should avoid, 

  • Ignoring The HIPAA Compliant

In the medical profession, you are entrusted with the responsibilities to protect your patient’s private information. People may have diseases or symptoms that they never want to reveal to others as it may be embarrassing for some. But they gather the courage to openly talk about it to a physician to find the answers in quick time. You are trusted with the responsibility to secure such information. So, while hiring a med answering service, it’s important to check whether they are HIPAA compliant or not. The staff should be aware of the rules of answering a patient’s call. A majority of doctors suffer a huge loss after hiring a non-HIPAA compliant. It’s simply because they were unaware of the terms. If you don’t want to lose the trust of your patients, it’s better not to ignore the HIPAA compliancy of an answering service. 

  • Overlooking The Skills

Things to Avoid When Hiring A Med Answering Service

Physicians are always dealing with a hectic schedule. Therefore, they prefer not to spend ample time while selecting a helping hand for them. However, if you want to ensure long term benefits of these services, then it’s best to invest some time to evaluate the skills of the staff. Sometimes when your day gets busier and you’re faced with an overflow of incoming calls, the staff should be trained enough to manage the incoming calls. They should know the etiquette while answering each individual call. There could be immense losses if a single staff member loses his cool while answering to the patients who need instant help. Also, the staff should be trained enough to prioritize urgent calls that need instant attention from the doctor. So, it’s wiser not to overlook the skills of the staff if you want to yield the maximum advantages of the professional med answering services. 

  • Choosing Scheduled Availability 

In the healthcare industry, service providers don’t believe in maintaining a schedule because an emergency could occur at any time. So, physicians naturally don’t work under scheduled time. So, when you’re choosing a helping hand to answer your calls, responding to emails, and scheduling all the appointments, you should not overlook their availability and choose a service that is available only for a scheduled time. It’s because your patients may call you at midnight or at any time of the day. There is no point in investing your hard-earned money in service if you still have to manage the calls on your own. So, make sure the services are available round the clock to help you manage the problems easily. 

  • Conducting Little To No Research

Research is extremely crucial if you are choosing any professional services with your hard-earned money. You should be able to yield the advantages after putting in your money. However, there are med answering services that will charge you a hefty bill for all the phone calls. This means you’ll end up overpaying them for their services. That only happens if you don’t consider conducting enough research prior to hiring the best med answering services. You should never end up hiring someone less competent with a high-paying budget while there are flat-rate med answering services available. A flat rate facility charges you only a defined amount for any number of calls they have made. It’s the most cost-effective solution for any physician.