Things to know about 49cc mini quad bike

We all have seen kids riding the 49cc mini quad bike which we also call the dirt bike. These bikes are generally fun and safe. It is not surprising when children demand these bikes to their parents. This blog is should help make your mind whether your young one needs a mini quad bike. Let us get to know a few things about this specific bike before you conclude your search.

Mini Quad Bikes Are Very Safe

The 49cc mini quad bike looks like an all-terrain vehicle which has four wheels attached to it. The mini bike has rear view mirrors, head and tail lights, turn signal lights and a horn for all safety purposes for the children. On average, the bike goes to the speed of 30-35 mph. The bike comes along an owner’s manual which instructs the user to wear safety gear as well.

The bikes are mostly electrical and are much more reliable and robust in performance than other trainer bikes. Though it is always a good idea to get your vehicle registered and carry liability insurance.

You Can Take Them For Off-Roading

Yes, you heard it right, the 49cc mini quad bike allows you to go off-roading. Make sure that the bike is of good quality having an original 49cc pocket bike engine and not a Chinese product. As the Chinese bike limits your speed to 20mph. For assured quality, you can buy your kid’s next bike from Belmonte Bikes. The company makes a variety of bikes with a number of designs available on their website.

However, it is always your decision to take your bike off-road or not. Before making the decision, consider how good of shocks it has and consider the size of the tires. It also depends on the sprocket.

The Speed Will Not Go Over 60 mph

Like mentioned above, on average, the 49cc mini quad bike will go about 30-25 mph. If taken faster, it will go about 40-45 mph i.e. 48 to 72 km/h. If the bike has a super performance feature and has good brand credibility, the speed can go up to 60 mph. The speed control is great for children’s usage. Talking about adult usage, it can be fun but not that satisfactory. Generally, the performance of the mini bike is similar to that of a scooter until it has big tires or a larger engine.

Hence, the bike can go up to 60 km per hour on average while off-roading. The speed element restricts the rider from using the high-speed highways.

With the above points, it is assured that a 49cc mini quad bike is safe and secure for your young one’s usage. Also, they are fun and easy to maintain. Though make sure that your young one is well prepared and well-geared to ride it. Please note that the bike is recommended for teenagers who are seeking a quick adventure and will driving under adult supervision.