Fake promises that a top construction companies may give and ways to understand them


Buying a new property can be a nightmare if the buyer does not know how to judge their construction company properly. At the time of the purchasing and construction process, these top construction companies promise a lot of things to their clients but once the actual project begins the buyer might be in for some nasty surprises if they are not shrewd enough in the initial stages.

Though the most well-known promise that the construction companies break is about the timing of the actual building, there are a lot of other important things in the construction process that the buyer has to notice. After all, it is his hard-earned money and he should involve himself completely in every stage so that the construction company cannot cheat him easily. The promise that these companies make to their clients are all tall and nice, however when the client actually moves in, he comes to know of many unpleasant things. In order to avoid this, the buyer must be smart enough to cross question the company and get the answers in actual facts and figures so that they cannot mess up later.

One of the most commonly promised things is about constructing the building on hundred percent residential soils. However, what happens in most of the cases is that, due to lack of availability of good quality residential soils, the construction company uses expansive soil that gives way too soon. The buyer comes to know of this only when cracks develop in the walls soon after moving in. A lengthy process of going behind the company, demanding damages, running to court and getting the claims settled starts after all of this. All of this in turn causes huge mental and physical stress to the buyer. In order to avoid all of this, the buyer must go through the past track record of the company very diligently and ask the company to sign some legal documents that only residential soils would be used for constructing.

The other common aspect that construction companies cheat on is about their warranty. Some companies offer an impressive 10-year warranty to their clients. The buyers, who get attracted easily to this tall promise, get into an agreement with the company and eventually get possession of the flat. However, when they claim for damages occurs let’s say in the second year of possession, the construction companies turn them down immediately. If the buyer had gone through the entire terms and conditions of the warranty before signing, he would have known that the coverage was very limited and the covered damages were very minimal. The only way to escape unhurt from the fake promises of a construction company is for the buyer to become smarter and to learn more about the business. The companies will also begin think twice before offering fake promises.

Are you aware of any other fake promises given by a construction company? We are waiting to hear your opinion.

Author bio: Dobrin Georgiev is an young architect with 9 years in the construction field. He is constantly challenging himself with the newest in his field of expertise. Since several years he has dedicated some of his time writing articles and giving professional advice to people about how to build their home in the most efficient way and still have good design ideas invested in it. Currently he is a major contributor to the Scandinavian Huscompagniet construction company.


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