He is a professional baseball player who devoted to this game all his life. He had to overcome severe obstacles to become a successful athlete – a rare eye disorder and his tough childhood among them.

Tommy began playing baseball in his childhood and, since that time, displayed impressive abilities and intelligence.

Even though Tommy was a productive player and often was one of those who led his team to the victory, he was repeatedly traded. That fact sometimes hurt the athlete.

However, all changed proved to be for the better because the baseball player, every year, displayed better results.

He was born in the USA, Las Vegas. His parents weren't twenty years old when the boy appeared on earth — his mother born twins, Tommy and his younger sister, Brittany.

Since an early age, his childhood was deemed. The twin's father was imprisoned by the time of their birth. His father's name is Antuan.

Even though Antuan displayed impressive skills in American football, he was involved in street and drug crimes. As a result, he occurred to be in prison all his life.

His mother's name is Tawana. When she stayed alone with two twins, her parents agreed to assist her.

She didn't finish school. Instead, Tawana began working as a server and a busser. Her parents raised her children while Tawana was struggling.

Even though the boy had far from the comfort in childhood, Tommy grew a skilled boy. He was good at sports, especially in baseball.