What is CASB? And Its 6 Advantages

The importance of CASBs is growing exponentially in the era of cloud computing. Cloud access security brokers or CASBs are cloud-based security solutions that aim to secure, monitor and manage the encrypted and sensitive data in cloud services. CASBs act as an intermediary between cloud service providers and users. It is like a central data authentication and encryption hub, and it effectively addresses the security gaps in the cloud services of enterprises. It enables organizations to expand security control beyond their network boundaries.

Cloud-based applications and services are shared platforms, and hence the confidential data stored in them is exposed to potential cyber exploits. Cloud services are porous; often, the system admins do not recognize the possible infiltrations. The popularity of CASBs is increasing in the IT sector as it can efficiently counter the potential risks in cloud platforms in real-time. CASB is cloud-based or onsite security software, and it plays a vital role in enforcing enterprise security policies within organizations for accessing the cloud services. CASBs use a combination of APIs, for managed devices, it uses forward proxy, and for unmanaged devices, it uses a reverse proxy to control cloud access for users.

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The global cloud access security broker (CASB) application market status CASB market is projected to grow from USD 8941.1 million to USD 36910 million by 2026 with a CAGR of 22.2%. CASB is increasingly being adopted in the IT sector to manage and authenticate the access of data on cloud servers. It provides protection and ensures that users adhere to regulatory policies and compliance. The top CASB vendors provide customized CASB solutions that will integrate easily into your workflow and infrastructure. Here are six advantages of using CASBs.

· Shadow IT Solutions

Shadow-IT has been on an exponential rise in the past few years, and it has increased concerns about data security. Shadow IT consists of information technology systems, devices, software, applications, and services that the centralized IT department does not manage. The use of Shadow IT can introduce unknown and unmanaged risks into cloud services. CASB solution provides visibility into Shadow IT operations and enables you to discover, monitor, and secure shadow IT. You can identify risky cloud applications, prevent dangerous usage of unsanctioned applications, and find out vulnerable users who are at risk with a CASB solution. It helps you to check and secure both the managed and unmanaged cloud IT services.

A CASB solution also enables you to confirm that all the cloud apps and services maintain compliance and meet the workflow’s internal security policies. CASBs facilitate the assessment of the risk and submission of your cloud apps. The risky apps can be categorized as unsanctioned, and their usage can be restricted. A CASB solution enables you to continuously monitor the cloud platform to detect new and risky cloud apps and instantly alert system, administrators.

· Prevent Cyber Threats

Threats in the IT department can be both external and internal, real or virtual. CASB solution helps to mitigate the risk in cloud apps and services in real-time. It enables system administrators to gather a detailed audit trail of user and admin activities across the cloud services. It assesses events such as sign-ins, downloads or uploads, and lateral movements to identify compromised user accounts and detect cyber threats.

You can deploy a robust CASB solution to counter the threats in cloud services with ease. CASB solution enables you to monitor users’ online behavior, track individuals’ or groups prohibited activities, manage BYOD access, and manage the access or sharing of files. With this, you can quickly determine if there any file has malicious content and detect threats from users inside your organization. CASB can alert you about mass downloads, repeated activities, excessive uploads, or sharing with sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services.

· Govern Device Usage

Data is the most valuable asset of any organization. CASB can monitor and control usage and behavior, audit historical data and restrict data access across cloud platforms. It checks if the users are using cloud services from mobile or desktop app or sync clients.

· Prevent Data Leakage:

A CASB solution can use Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to better visibility into the cloud services. It helps to check when confidential content is traveling to or from the cloud, within the cloud, and cloud to cloud. Such solutions enable enterprises to enforce restrictions on user activities critically. These limits include device restriction, access restriction, restriction to Geo-location, time restriction, and more.

· Assess And Protect Your Iaas Environment

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) consists of scalable and automated computer resources. IaaS requires frequent auditing for effective configuration on cloud services. CASB solution helps you to set up a security configuration assessment across your IaaS environments. It enables you to identify leak sources and monitor user activities in IaaS environments.

· Secure Data

Every organization needs to secure corporate data. CASB solution helps enterprises to check the exfiltration of data in real-time. You can restrict the users from accessing confidential and private data of customers. CASBs also give you visibility into data stored in sanctioned and connected cloud apps. You can configure controls and enforce adaptive session controls to manage user action.

To Conclude:

Cloud Access Security Broker enables organizations to secure shadow IT, govern device usage, prevent cyber threats and monitor data leakage in the cloud environment.

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