What Is Pit Less Weighbridge And Its 6 Benefits

A pitless weighbridge is one of the most common types of weighbridge which is mounted on the surface. The weighing surface of this weighbridge is mounted with a ramp. A pitless weighbridge is a suitable alternative for those weighbridges which require extensive excavation work, which is a lengthy and expensive process. Sites were laying down the foundation of truck scale poses problem uses a pitless weighbridge type for easy installation for minimum civil work.

The pitless weighbridge is structured above ground level. It offers straightforward installation procedures, and the side frames enable you to guide the vehicles centrally through the bridge. The approach and departure ramps of this weighbridge can be made of steel or pre-cast in concrete on-site. You can even customize it with removable steel ramps to move if you need to relocate it quickly. A steel fabricated structure makes the process of installation faster, easier, and more cost-effective. The vehicles approach the platform of the weighbridge from two sides, from where the ramps are available. Depending on how you choose to customize it, pit less weighbridge cost will vary accordingly.

While choosing a pitless weighbridge for your business, you need to consider certain important factors. Some of these factors are discussed below in detail and can help you select the right pitless weightbridge-

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Robust Load Cells

Load cells help to provide weighments, and it is the most critical component of a weighbridge. Hence, before making your purchase, you need to determine that the load cells of the pitless weighbridge are of high-standard quality. It helps to maintain the accuracy in weight during measurement. Moreover, robust load cells also determine the durability and longevity of the product.

Sturdy Girders & Plates

A vehicle will approach the platform of the pitless weighbridge for measurement. The platform should be sturdy and should have an excellent build to endure the load and vibrations as the vehicle approaches the podium. Stringent testing measures should be applied to calibrate and test the weighbridge to determine that it can hold the weight without any damage.

Reliable Assembly For Load Cell

A reliable assembly for load cells is crucial. A load cell converts mechanical force into a measurable electrical output, and hence it is used to weigh the vehicles.

Cable & Junction Box

A digitizer carries out the signals that the load cells generate. It is transferred to the control room through a shielded cable to develop an accurate result. All the wires are attached to a function box which protects it from different weather conditions.

Benefits Of Using A Pit Less Weighbridge

Easy Installation

The installation of a pitless weighbridge is carried out above the road surface level. Hence, it does not require any excavation work. It makes use of ramps to onboard the vehicles onto the weighbridge. No additional effort to maintain the pit is required. It also reduces the chances of waterlogging during the monsoon season.


The pitless weighbridge is installed above the ground level, enabling it to get relocated to other sites. A particular type of foundation during installation allows it to get relocated later. ‘Portable’ or ‘Mobile’ pitless weighbridges is a sub-category of the pitless weighbridge. You can re-install and re-calibrate in the migrated site. The alternate foundation design uses existing RCC floor or transportable RCC blocks, reducing the installation cost significantly.

Industrial Use

It is suitable for standard/heavy-duty weighing of commercial or non-commercial road vehicles. Depending on the configuration, you can use it to weigh vehicles of a wide range. It gives freight and vehicle measurement accuracy and reliability. It enables you to track and measure the goods incoming and outgoing from your warehouse. Industries required to weigh bulky and heavy goods regularly for a certain period can install pitless weighbridge for precise measurements.

Effective Weighing Operation

A pitless weighbridge can significantly increase the effectiveness of your weighing operation. It allows you to install vehicle barriers and use the guide rails easily. You can control traffic and help vehicles to maintain balance on the weighbridge.

Save Costs

As it does not require extensive site preparation, like excavation work or pit construction, a pitless weighbridge is usually cheaper than other weighbridge types. It also helps to save industrial costs. If a truck is not loaded fully, you can suffer revenue loss. You can use the vehicle to its optimum efficiency with a pitless weighbridge. It also allows you to keep the overloading of vehicles in check.


A pitless weighbridge enables you to determine if the loaded vehicle is compliant with standard weight policies. You can prevent damage to road surfaces, overpasses, bridges, and collisions with a pitless weighbridge.

To Conclude:

A pitless weighbridge is an ideal option for weighing vehicles and freight. It can significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business.

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