Why Should You Know Everything About FUE Technology?


Thick hair makes you look beautiful and confident when you are expressing yourself. Unfortunately, certain hair loss conditions deny you the chance of having thick and healthy hair. When this happens, it lowers your spirits and makes you feel unattractive. You may try to hide with a wig or a hairpiece, but this is only temporary and doesn’t look natural. Wigs also restrict the kind of hairstyles you can wear. 

Having a hair transplant is the only hair restoration technique that provides a permanent and natural hair loss treatment. Both men and women can get this type of treatment provided that they don’t have pre-existing health conditions that may hinder the healing process. Hair transplantation, just like the name suggests, involves removing hair from one area of the scalp and transferring it to the area that suffers hair loss. 

This post will explain to you why you need FUE hair harvesting when seeking hair loss treatments. This information will help you make an informed decision. Continue reading for more insights.

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What a Hair Transplant Procedure 

A hair transplant allows doctors to treat hair loss by taking or extracting hair from one area of the body and implanting it in another area where hair doesn’t grow anymore. When transplanting hair, there are two main areas that surgeons or doctors focus on. One of those areas in the scalp is called the donor site or area. The donor area is usually found at the back of the scalp and contains healthy or thick hair. The other area is the recipient or receiving area, where hair isn’t growing anymore. This procedure may or may not need surgery, depending on the technique used to extract and implant hair. We have the FUE hair harvesting and the FUT methods of transplanting hair. Let’s focus on the FUE technique of harvesting and implanting hair. 

FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

Although the hair transplant Los Angeles procedure started about 70 years ago, it has undergone numerous transitions on how it is administered over the year. The latest method is the FUE hair transplant procedure done for those with mild or extensive hair loss, whether you are suffering from hair thinning or male pattern disorder. If you decide to opt for this type of hair loss treatment, know that it will give you the kind of results you are for.

In the FUE hair transplant procedure, before extracting the hair follicles, the doctor will shave the donor area, the area where hair needs to be harvested. This area of the scalp has to have thick and healthy hair. Most doctors prefer the back of the head because it has a high chance of growing back hair. The doctor then injects or applies local anesthesia to numb that area. After shaving the donor area, he will start removing individual hair follicles using a punching device that cuts around each follicle. He then places the hair follicles safely to avoid infections before they are implanted into the recipient site. The recipient area is then shaved, and tiny holes are made where the follicles will go into when implanting. 

This transplanting hair method is minimally invasive compared to the FUSS hair transplant procedure that leaves a scar behind. The reason is that incisions are made, and a strip of skin containing hair follicles is removed and transplanted to the area suffering from hair loss. If you prefer shorter haircuts, then the FUE hair transplant Los Angeles method is good for you since it doesn’t leave a visible scar, only small black dots. The FUE technique of hair restoration can either be done in one or several sessions. If the doctor performs the procedure once, the cost will go up. If the procedure is done in several sessions, the treatment will be cheaper. 

Recovery Time 

It takes a week or ten days after the procedure for the patient to recover. This does not mean that the patient will start seeing results or new hair will start growing after that. New hair growth will start happening after three or four months. The patient will start seeing thicker hair growing from then onwards. FUE is a permanent way of hair restoration. Therefore, growth will continue for a lifetime. 


Hair loss is a common condition that can affect anyone regardless of gender. If you are the ages of 25 to 70, you can experience hair loss. Although several treatments are available to treat or restore hair, you need to consult your doctor first, who will advise you on the best procedure. One awesome fact about the FUE hair transplant is that it gives you permanent results. 

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