Information on top 10 B.Ed colleges in Pan India

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Among other professionals, teaching is considered as one of the most prestigious profession. From ancient period to the contemporary society, teachers have played an essential role in building a nation by teaching its young minds. For this reason, in spite of having various professions, a large number of academic field oriented students prefer to take up teaching as their profession.

B.Ed colleges in Pan India


While thinking about considering the prestigious profession as their career, then apart from taking care about the academic record, they need to understand the pulse of their students. For this reason the training courses for being a teacher is mandatory. By having a training called B.Ed, they become able to be more expertise in handling students of different types. While applying for a post of teaching staff, the professionals need to remember that, only teaching a lesson is not task for them. Here they need to play the role of a second guardian to each student. To do this role they also need to be efficient enough to handle the students accordingly. The maintenance of discipline as well as teaching will go hand in hand while they are looking for being a teacher.

Considering this importance of maintaining students in class as well as in the school compounds, the academic experts have started species training courses for the teachers. Here teaching staffs will be provided enough guidance for performing their part in the classrooms. In this particular course of B.Ed, teachers need to read and to give exams on various psychological aspects of students and young mind. Apart from knowing more about the psychological part for teaching their students, they will be taught more techniques for teaching their students. Here the teachers will come to know about making their classes more different and attractive for the students.

If you take a tour in Indian academic background, then you will find that, there are numerous B.Ed colleges have been founded to facilitate the teachers to be more polished by enrolling their names in the B.Ed course. In some cases, these courses are done after either joining a school or prior joining the school.

Here we will give you the names of top 10 B.Ed colleges in India.

  • K.JSomaiya Comprehensive College of Education, training and Research-This Mumbai based college is counted among other top rated colleges of India. The faculties and wide range of subjects and its field of experimental studies make this college as the Mecca for educationists. To know more on various courses you can check out the official link
  • Amity Institute of Education– This famous college is located in Indian state capital Delhi. Here you can get a range of subjects and options to carry on your degree for B.Ed course. Here you can do your regular one-year course on B.Ed.The B.Ed program of this college is approved by the NCTE. To get more details on your B.Ed course log into,


  • Lady Irwin College-If you are a woman and looking for completing your B.Ed course from reputed girls’ college, then Delhi based woman Irwin College is the ideal option for you. The specialty of this college is that, here all of the academic programs are associated with Delhi University and NCTE. In this college you will get the latest accommodation and academic benefits to carry on your academic urges.


  • SNDT Women’s University Mumbai-Try this Mumbai based college. Here you can get a good part to complete your B.Ed course for one year. Log on to to know more about the admission and form distribution details.


  • Nirmala Institute of Education-If are living in the Konkani part of India and looking for completing your B.Ed course, then this academic institution is the best option for you. By enrolling into this academic institution, you will feel the piousness of completing your B.Ed degree. See nirmala-institute .com to know more.


  • Government college of Education– If you are living in Chandigarh and looking for completing your B.Ed degree from a government aided college, and then this is the right college for you. Apart from completing your B.Ed degree, you can also NCTE regulation followed M.Ed degree from here.


  • St.Xaviers College of Education– A perfect place for completing your B.Ed if you are living nearby Patna. Here you can get opportunity to complete your M.Ed course as well. After completing each course, you will be provided a certificate. To get more information check out the link


  • Rayapati Venkata Ranga Rao College of Education- If you are looking for a reputed college in Chennai, then this Guntur based B.Ed College can help you to complete your one-year B.Ed Degree course. Click on to know more on the course details.


  • Kirorimal College of Education-This B.Ed College is located in Biwani. Here you will get an advanced facility to complete your B.Ed course to teach the students of different educations boards of India. Find more information on the college in


Author Bio -A reputed educationist Kamlesh Maddheshiya, creates this article. From a long time, he has worked for a reputed academic institution in Noida. Now he is attached with other reputed colleges of India. The above article discusses about B.Ed colleges in India.


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