Counter Display boxes


  • Counter display box is used to display a product directly to the customer.
  • Counter display boxes are used for the cosmetics products and for many other purposes.
  • This box is one of the products to use them for the promotion of product or to launch new product in market.

These boxes are seen as beauty products which are available on cosmetic shops or on stalls of that product. You can also get  trial packs of any product displayed on the table or stalls. Counter display boxes are that type of boxes.

This box is available in different shapes, design, colors and size. You can order and we will exactly deliver the same thing you want.

Paper stock is 12 pt. to 14 pt. while cardstock is 100lb – 120lb. CMYK colors are used for printings whereas PMS colors are also used for custom printings. CMYK color schemes are the basic colors schemes in which the basic colors are used and other few colors are used with the combinations of these basic colors.

PMS gives you varieties of color so you can enjoy the designs of your products. Product will be prepared according to your demand. Once you used our services you will definitely adore our work.


In different shopping malls and super markets where the brands and companies want to showcase their newly launched products. They keep them in counter display box for presentation of their products.

How they are made?

Firstly a cardboard is cut into the basic shape of the base of the box with the help of a machine. After that secondary boxes are cut which will be placed in the basic box. After cutting the boxes printing process is done in which card is printed according to the demand of the customer or product. Different designs, themes and templates are available for you to give you a better idea how you can enhance the outer looks of your product to make it looks attractive.

After printing, a UV coating is done on the printed cards to protect the ink. CMYK color scheme and PMS colors are used for printing. Playing with colors is always fun so we try to use colors which make our products attractive and unique at the same time.

UV coating makes the product more durable. To enhance the looks and beauty of the products plastic lamination are done on the cardboard. Lamination is available in two types one is mate and second is glossy to bring shine on the product.

Lilted magic:

Than these boxes are joined together with transparent glue. No tape or staple is used to join the corners. Small parts are placed on the big part with a good holding grip.

Our Services:

Easy site map will guide you to visit our website easily and you can find lists of products easily. Free design submission and product review is provided.

Shipping is only available for US. Product delivery time is from  7 to 10 days.


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