Hanging Display Boxes


Discount box printing offer you the best quality printing services in your town. You can enjoy printing on different kind of boxes according to your need and demand. We have a vast variety of products and endless range of designs and themes to make you more unique and versatile in your circle.

Once you will go for our services you will come to us again. From all services available for you here is another service of box printing.

What is at Discount box printing?

Discount box printing offers you the hanging display boxes for the promotion and display of your products. Hanging Display boxes are same like any other display box but with a little addition on the top of it. We have just added a small hanging section on the top of the box so you can easily hang the box onto the wall of your shop of any other place where you want to display your product.

Advantage of using it:

  • An advantage of hanging display box is that they save the space of your table. You can simply place these boxes on your wall and your table is free for other things you want to display.
  • Less space
  • Perfect hanging ability
  • Easy to display
  • Direct access to customers
  • Unique style

Customer Satisfaction:

We have always looked for our customer’s satisfaction so we always try to give the best service to all the people who come to us. We never disappointed our valued customers and we are devoted to serve with dignity in future too.

Customizing a box:

You can customize the shape and size of the box according to your need. You can keep the whole box with cardboard sheet or you can also place a plastic sheet in the front of the box so your product would be visible from the box.

For the creation of the boxes we use corrugated cardstock of 12 pt to 14 pt or from 100 lb to 120 lb. first the card is cut into basic shape of the required design. Than the printing process is done. For which we use the best quality colors for printing made of 100% vegetables and soy. Colors are totally eco-friendly. Quality of the product is the most important thing which we want to serve. We use CMYK color schemes and PMS color schemes for the printing purpose to give you excellent printing quality.

Extra finishing:

When printing is done another layer of UV coating is done on it to protect the print than another plastic lamination coating is spread on the box to make it more durable and strong. This lamination is available in two types which are mate and glossy. That can be used according to the customer’s demand.


  • For more details and guidance you can visit our website Discount Box Printing and can see lots of designs and boxes range available to us. We also provide 24/7 online customer support where an expert team is there for your help.
  • You can also submit your art work to us online.
  • Free proof reading and design review is also available.
  • Free proof reading service and product review is available you can also submit your designs free online.
  • Product shipping and handling is done only for the customers of US.
  • Graphic designing is also done on the boxes for free.
  • Product turnaround time is from 7 to 10 days which can also vary according to the amount of the product.

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