A Look at best Executive MBA Programs and if they are a Right Fit For You

New Executive MBA Programs


Finding the right post graduate course of study is one of the most important and dilemma filled decisions a student has to take. One of the most popular programs today and has been for a considerable amount of time is an MBA or a Master’s in Business Administration. There are various kinds of management programs today that give students and aspiring career men and women an amazing platform to start with.

 Executive MBA Programs

Although, a full time MBA course is definitely a great option for students who are done with their Bachelor’s and are looking for the next step, what about those who are already in work force and have already taken the first step towards their career? This is where an Executive MBA might come in and fill the slot. Studying is not just about getting the right educational qualifications to get your foot in the door of an employer company but also a means to further yourself on the corporate ladder for a career or job you have already started. In fact Executive MBAs or EMBA programs are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, with more and more employers encouraging their employees at higher posts and managerial levels to go in for such courses.


Some points to consider –


  • An executive MBA is similar to a regular traditional MBA program but offers more flexibility than a regular rigid schedule since it will mostly not be an every day affair. It will likely not be a full time course if you have already started working or are incorporated in a professional environment. The flip side is that since there is a limited time frame, classes will most probably be scheduled post work hours and on weekends a few days a week and will not give you much wiggle room.


  • The qualifications required to get in to an executive MBA program may be different from the traditional MBA. While some schools may not need you take or consider GMAT or GRE test scores, many business schools only admit applicants who have a certain number of years of work experience under their belt. This may limit your choices when it comes to finding an education institution, so make sure to find out what the admission process is in its totality.


  • Executives and professionals also often opt for executive MBA programs because it is a good way to network with people in similar positions and those currently in the work force. They often use it as another means to meet and greet and interact with future wheelers and dealers.


  • An EMBA course often offers students more by way of teaching and inculcating soft skills like team management and leadership. So check what curriculum the course offers and cross check with your employer if it is something that would add value to your job and better your position at the company. Electives will also differ from school to school, so you will have to gauge whether it gives you the subjects you want, as opposed to a traditional MBA that may be a more comprehensive course.


  • Some employers are more proactive and fund the education of valuable company executives and managers and also sponsor such programs and courses. Often it is considered more of a strategic business investment in an employee rather than an expense. Do check with your workplace bosses and HR heads if this is an option for you.



Even though an executive MBA is a course that is taken up once you are already working, its purpose to is further your prospects at work and show that you have taken an initiative for leadership. Look at accredited universities and B schools that are well known, so that you get the most out of the time, money and effort invested.





Leena Sanghvi is an assistant manager at a marketing firm in Mumbai city. She believes that taking up an executive MBA was the best decision she could have taken for her career. She also loves to write and blogs about per personal and professional challenges and triumphs.

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