Study shows facebook causes depression

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 Why facebook causes depression-

Mom finds poor grades of her kids ,but she doesnt even know that her son or daughter has 1000 Fans, friends etc and poor grades of her kids .
This is only because of her son or daughter is or are master in video Games thats what study shows facebook causes depression
  Facebook bullying
Teens, kids when ask why they love Facebook so much that most of them replied on Facebook activitys of 4- 8 hours like chat, games, wall etc  makes them so busy that they dont have time and get sleep while studying.
Teens,kids further said that they get freedom of mind . Even kids nowadays had many girl friends on Facebook than in real Life when parents want them to study hard for bright future.
But if teens,kids at such young age are giving importance on facebook activitys like chat
Facebook,games,wall etc can they study seriously??????????  This ultimately creates facebook facebook facebook fever
Facebook Side effect

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