Family home plans -How Many Square Feet do you Really Need for your Home?


Many people want to own their own living space. It can be less expensive than paying rent, you can live happily without the possibility of an increase in monthly payments (if you have a fixed interest rate) and you have the prerogative to change any aspect of your space. If it’s time to take the plunge and buy a home, you need to figure out how much square feet you need to live comfortably for your Family home plans . Do you want a micro-apartment or a mansion?

The Definition of Space

In the late 1800’s, a typical family of six to ten people living in a New York tenement managed to get by with less than 900 sq. feet. Imagine having your bed next to the kitchen stove and your dresser holding the family cookware and dishes. Before indoor plumbing was installed after 1901, residents of Orchard St. had to share outhouses. Electricity wasn’t even installed until after 1920. Visualize a very small space and decide if it’s cozy or cramped.

Working-class families back then had basic furnishings that didn’t take up space. In the modern era, though, we never seem to have enough space, whether it’s for a growing family, our collections, or just a quiet window nook for reading. How much space do you need, and how much is too much?

How Will You Use Your Space for Family home plans?

Do you need more space for yourself, your family, and your possessions? Or can you get by and save money in a small 2 bedroom apartment of starter home? Some people need to stretch out and have enough room for guest rooms or entertaining in a theater room or play den. It is convenient to have a spare room for when family members come to visit over a holiday. Do you want an off-shoot apartment for your mother-in-law or newlywed renters?

Are you the kind of person who needs a place to display your collection of African tribal masks or rare books from around the world? Are you a sports enthusiast or movie buff who needs an entertainment room complete with theater seating and sound system? Decide on what size space you can be comfortable in and think about how it will be used. Then, decide on other space factors like home design, location, and price.

Location, Size, and Equity Potential

Be aware of the cost of living in relation to square footage in different parts of the country. A 5000 square foot California beach house with 6 bedrooms may cost more than a Midwest home of the same size. A 2000 square foot 2 bedroom apartment in Boston may cost more than a single family home in Seattle. It all depends on a combination of size and location that will ultimately determine if your space will be a good investment.

Think about you space location and if it will be a long-term living arrangement. Whether you’re designing a cottage in the back woods, a penthouse apartment in the city or a large ranch house out west, there is the possibility of future equity if you plan to sell, remodel, or add on. The size of your space could be a goldmine if you plan to put up a For Sale sign someday.

Own Your Space

No matter what size space you call home, make it your own. Learn some useful interior design secrets and storage know-how. Get helpful lighting and decoration tips from the experts. There are tricks of the trade that can improve the look of your Family home plans and in some cases add the feeling of open space. Feel at home no matter the size or where you’re living.


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