Checklist for Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887

Checklist for Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887

Checklist for Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887

Are you looking for permanent resident status in Australia after working on a suitable visa? Then there is good news for you; The ministry of immigration, Australia provides a special visa for this purpose. To apply in this sector, the applicant has to fulfill two general conditions; he or she has held a previous eligible visa and must have work experience for a specific period. Like all other visas, the visa subclass 887 needs the complete attention of the applicant. Proper and correct documentation will be needed to expect a chance of successful submission at the first try.

The conditions for this visa

The sets of conditions that determine the eligibility of the person(s) applying for this visa are various and covers multiple topics. The detailed criteria are explained in the section below;


  • Eligible visa and stay in Australia 


The applicants must be present within the borders of Australia and have a previous eligible visa. The list of eligible visas is; subclass 496, 475 489, 495, or 487 visas; Bridging visa A or B, after submitting a valid application for a subclass 495, 489, or 487 visas.  The primary applicant, that is, the person seeking the work and residence benefits for this 887 Visa, will have to hold one of these visas, namely, 489, 495, 496, 475 or 487 visas for at least 2 years before an application can be made.


  • The habitation condition


The candidate must be living in the country for two years under one of the eligible visas, either in a regional or low-population growth metropolitan area if nominated by a state or territorial government, or in a specific area of Australia, if sponsored by any family member.


  • Requirement of work


The applicant must work in Australia for at least 12 months full-time as the holder of one or more eligible visas. Full-time work will entail 35 hours/ week. Simultaneous part-time work can be added to satisfy this requirement. the occupation can be a nominated one or any other.


  • Compliance with the eligible visa


The conditions of the eligible visa must be complied with; this applies to the primary holder, as well as any dependent members.


  • Health and character requirement


The health requirement must be fulfilled by the primary applicant; in most cases, another health test is not necessary for them. The main applicant and any family member over 16 years have to obey the character requirement.


  • Australian values statement 


The 18-year-old or more applicant must sign the Australian values statement confirming that he or she will respect and obey the Australian values and way of life.


  • Debt clearing with the government


The applicants must pay back or arrange to pay back any debt they or their family members (even if they do not apply for the visa) have with the government of Australia.


  • Previous refusal or rejection


The applicant must not have any history of rejection or refusal of other visas while they were in Australia.

The entitled benefits

This visa is a permanent one, meaning that the holder can live in the country for as long as he wants. He or she is even eligible to apply for citizenship, subject to the conditions prevailing. The other benefits the holder of this Subclass 887 Visa can enjoy while in Australia are;

  1. Living and working on a permanent basis in Australia
  2. Studying in Australia
  3. Sign up for Medicare, an Australian system for health-related attention and costs
  4. Be eligible for definite social security disbursements
  5. Applying for Australian citizenship (depending on the residency criteria)
  6. Sponsoring relatives for permanent residence.
  7. Traveling to and from Australia for an unlimited amount of time

All of these benefits can be enjoyed by the primary applicant and their family members.

The checklist of documents

Quite naturally, the application for this visa is to be accompanied by the relevant documents. submission without the appropriate documents can result in the lengthening of the processing time. Therefore, it would be better if a checklist is prepared beforehand and the documents are arranged accordingly. The checklist that the applicant should prepare before starting the application process are;

  1. Proof of staying within the Australian border.
  2. Proof of holding an eligible visa or a Bridging visa for at least 2 years.
  3. Proof of residence for 2years in the designated area, according to the nomination.
  4. Evidence of qualifying in the minimum requirement for proficiency in English.
  5. Proof of working in a nominated or other occupation for at least 12 months.
  6. Evidence of the job to be full-time. For part-time jobs, the total number of hours must be proven for application.
  7. Evidence of non-disobedience of the Australian values statement, which means no complaints or ongoing legal cases. The checklist should cover documentary proofs for every family member along with the primary applicant.
  8. Proof of compliance with the Australian health and character requirements, which includes any vaccine or tests with the related positive/negative results as suggested by the relevant authority.
  9. Proof of repayment or settlement of the outstanding debts to the government, if any.
  10. Evidence of no previously refused or cancelled visa in the name of the primary applicant.

Not directly related to the above list, but if the primary applicant has a child during his or her stay in Australia, then it should be notified to the ministry. The ministry would provide the child with the same visa as its father or mother and the decision would be reflected on the e-visa.

In the end

As an applicant of the visa 887, it is of utmost importance that all the required documentary proofs will have to be submitted without any error. Incomplete proofs can bring about extended processing times, delay in judgment and even cancellation of the visa. Therefore, if you are confident about the application profile to be presented, then you should go ahead and apply. Otherwise, for the appropriate submission summaries, it would be best to involve an expert and knowledgeable Immigration agent Perth in this regard.

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