20 Indian Handcrafts That You Must Buy

20 Indian Handcrafts That You Must Buy

The handicrafts of India are diverse which represents the culture, religion and history of India. Indian handicrafts carry the mesmerizing essence of Indian culture that promises beauty, exclusivity , dignity and style. The craftsmen of India have always shown their exceptional skill in painting , engraving , chasing and ornamenting various metals and
wood. Handicrafts are handmade products that are made without using any machine . Indian handmade products are considered to be a fashion statement and an item of luxury. It represents the class and wealth.

Here are 20 Indian handicrafts that you must buy:

1. Bidriware
Bidriware is a unique metal craft of India which originated from Bidar of Karnataka. Bidriware is a type of encrusted metal ware with sparkle of silver design on black background. They are made by skillful craftsmen of India who make these beautiful and geometrical intricate designs on the metallic surface. Bidriware are greatly admired for their intricate, graceful and elegant patterns with which its surface is covered.

2. Kalamkari
Kalamkari is an ancient type of hand painting done on silk or cotton fabrics with tamarind pen by using natural dyes. Kalamkari depicts epics like Mahabharata or Ramayana. They look beautiful and very classic .

3. Dhokra
Dhokra is a traditional art form of Chattisgarh which is a non-ferrous metal casting using the lost wax technique. Due to its rustic yet aesthetically pleasing design this art form is gaining its popularity internationally.

4. Bandhani
Bandhani also known as bandhej is an oldest form of tie and dye art mainly practiced in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Sindh, Punjab and Tamil Nadu. The art of bandhani requires highly skilled artists which uses a technique of dyeing a fabric which is tied tightly with a thread at several points that creates a unique art form on the fabric.

5. Warli
Warli is an ancient folk art which has its origin in Warli region of Maharashtra. This tribal artform is made by using a set of some basic geometrical shapes like circle, triangle and a square. These shapes symbolize different elements of nature like the circle represents the sun and the moon, the triangle represents mountains and pointed trees and the square represents sacred enclosures or a piece of land. Warli paintings are highly demanded due to which they are now found on cloth murals, canvas, pottery, and decorative handicraft items.

6. Madhubani/Mithila
Madhubani art or mithila paintings are originated from the Mithila region of Bihar. This beautiful artform usually has themes depicting god, goddess, plants, animals, daily life, symbols and stories. These paintings also depict nature, mythology and events like birth , marriage and cycle of life which received worldwide attention .

7. Pembarthi
Pembarthi metal craft is a very popular metal handicraft. This intricate sheet metal brass has unique engravings and artifacts. This art form is practised in Telangana region which received worldwide attention.

8. Kamrupi
Kamrupi crafts are brass and bell metal products of kamrup, a district of Assam popular for its elegance , strength, form and utility. These unique art forms are generally made of brass and bell metals. Decorative stands, glass, plates and pots are made in kamrupi crafts.

9. Khurja pottery
Khurja pottery is traditional pottery work practiced in Khurja of Bulandshahr district in Uttar Pradesh. These pottery artwork are known for its beautiful patterns and appealing designs. Besides being a decorative item, it also serves its utility. Khurja pottery has a market in India and foreign countries.

10. Jaipur blue pottery
Jaipur blue pottery is a traditional craft which is recognized globally for its aesthetically appealing beauty. This eye-catching blue pottery is made from cobalt blue dye. This is considered as luxurious Indian pottery. The blue pottery provides livelihood to many artisans in Jaipur.

11. Bamboo work of Chhattisgarh
Chhattisgarh is famous for its beautiful and intricate bamboo work. Some tribal communities indulge in this beautiful and traditional artwork for making various utility items like baskets, Supa ,jhua, and other bamboo products have been recognized now.

12. Terracotta work of Assam
Terracotta is a hard red-brick colored unglazed earthenware used for pottery and other purposes. The terracotta work of Assam is popular due to its rich traditional artistic designs. The potters create figurines of gods and goddesses, clay dolls, toys, pot, and other household products. Earthen pots and pitchers, plates, incense-stick holders and earthen lamps are very famous.

13. Seashell crafts
The seashell craft of Goa, Odisha, and Andaman and Nicobar Island is famous for its classy, highly polished and clean look. The seashells are often used to make bangles, table lamps, ashtray, etc. These seashell items are extremely beautiful but expensive.

14. Thanjavur doll
Thanjavur dolls are famous bobble-head dancing dolls made of terracotta material. These beautiful figurines are made with utmost care having intricate details and beautiful finish. They have been recognized as a geographical indication by the government of India.

15. Sankheda furniture
Sankheda furniture is a traditional teakwood furniture of Gujarat famous for its beautiful color. It is painted in traditional bright shades of maroon and gold. Sankheda furniture is popular in foreign countries and is exported to many countries including Europe and West Asia.

16. Konark stone carving
Stone carving is an ancient art of sculpting a stone into an art piece and utility products. These stone carvings are practised by artisans of Orissa. The Konark temple is a beautiful example of traditional stone carving with intricate details and sculptures. This traditional artform is used to produce high-quality utility items like candle stands, lamp bases, pen stands, paper weights, etc.

17. Agra marble art
Agra has one of the finest marble inlay artforms in the world since Mughal dynasty. Marble inlay is a closely protected traditional art that requires highly skilled artists. These excellent artforms are fine, delicate and luxurious.

18. Kolhapuri chappal
Kolhapuri chappal is obviously not a decor item but it is a handcrafted piece of art made from leather. These handcrafted footwear are durable and famous in western countries like the USA etc.

19. Bastar iron and wooden crafts
Bastar iron and wooden crafts are traditional crafts that are manufactured in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. Artisans work with metals and wood to make a beautiful traditional figurine of gods, animals, oil lamps, etc. These handicrafts are famous in India as well as in other countries.

20. Swamimalai bronze icons
Swamimalai bronze icons refers to bronze idols and statues manufactured in Swamimalai, Tamil Nadu. It has been recognized as a Geographical indication by the government of India. These bronze icons are highly demanded and exported to many foreign countries like the United states, United kingdom, Canada, etc.

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