Foods that help you Stay Hydrated

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It’s absolutely understandable that you want to keep yourself healthy, and healthier, if possible.
One of the main things you can do to help you achieve that objective, and it’s often ignored, is taking in enough water.
Going by the doctor’s rule, you should take eight or more glasses of water every day.

Why should you keep hydrated?

Foods that help you Stay Hydrated

Basically, you are 60 per cent water, that’s what your body is made of.
Solid foods too, as solid as they look, give you 20 percent of your total water intake per day.
It is water, in form of body fluids that is responsible for preventing the body from hydration, carrying nutrients and nourishments to body cells and cleansing the body of all toxins.
By taking water, you guard your health.


Must you take all that water, really?
Consuming the recommended water intake of over 8 glasses a day is a big task. But nature always has its solution.
There’s water in food.

Below is a guideline of 10 easily available foods that you can consume to meet your daily need of water intake:

The water melon is 95 percent water and makes one of the best choices if you are not in the mood to swallow 8 glasses of pure water.
Besides water, the watermelon will also nourish you with Vitamin C.
Watermelons also contain a cancer fighting anti-oxidant called lycopene.

Eating strawberries is a sweet experience.
They provide an impressive amount of water plus potassium.
When eating a strawberry, you should know that 92 per cent of what you swallow is water. That’s makes it a good choice.

Cucumber is often called the summer vegetable. 95 percent of what a cucumber will give you is water.
You also get a fair amount of sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium.
The Vitamin C and caffeic acid in cucumber reduces swelling and skin irritations.

You can also mix it with mint or non-fat yogurt or eat it chilled.

Celery contains a large percentage of water in its total content, standing at 96 per cent.
It also has other benefits. It provides zinc, sodium, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium Iron, various amino acids and vitamins. It also has very, very few calories, about 6 per stalk.
Taking a celery is like taking a glass of water, and it’s also a remedy for acid reflux and heartburn.

Besides carrying a great amount of vitamins, the tomato is actually 95 per cent water in composition.
Its good taste also makes it a well preferred choice. They can be used with almost anything. A little known fact – eating tomatoes raw is perfectly fine. You can also grill tomatoes with other ingredients to use them as an appetizer.

Over 85 percent of the mango content is water.
The mango also comes with a fair dose of vitamin A, B6, C and fibre.

the orange provides the consumer with over 88 per cent of its content in form of water.
Oranges will also meet your recommended daily requirement of vitamin C in its entirety.

including a few leaves of spinach in your salad isn’t a bad idea.
Spinach, besides its high water content, is rich in lutein, folate, potassium and a heavy dose of vitamin E that can meet your daily requirement.
Spinach can also help in weight-loss.

the pineapple is both a sweet fruit and a great source of water.
Besides providing you with enough water, pineapples also contain bromeliad which is an anti-inflammatory.

Baby carrots
with 90 percent water content, baby carrots can keep you fairly hydrated.
They are ready to eat anytime.
Beta-carotene in carrots will also protect you against lung, oral cavity and skin cancer.

Generally, there are many natural foods that you can consume to meet your every daily water requirement and keep your body hydrated and healthy.
It’s also noticeable that these foods come with various added benefits besides water.
Quote: “Water is life.”

Iceberg lettuce

Lettuce gets a bad rep for no apparent reason. Crispy iceberg lettuce has about 95% water content in it. You can use it in sandwiches, burgers and even tacos.


The root vegetable is very refreshing and an ideal component for salads in the summer. They have 95% water content, and are pretty delicious to eat as well. They are full of anti-oxidants like Catechin. Other than salads, you can also use it in coleslaw.

Green Peppers

Consisting 94% water, they have a lot of anti-oxidants. You can eat them as snacks as well, especially for the late night munchies.


In addition to 92% water, the cauliflower has plenty of phytonutrients and vitamins, which studies have proved help fight cancer and lower cholesterol.

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