Gable Boxes VS Tote Boxes



Basic description:

Gable box and tote box are two different boxes but they are quite similar too. Both have different uses but a little bit similar.


  • Gable boxes are more like a cube box but a little sloppy from the top. Top part has a little handle to hold the box easily with a grip.
  • Tote boxes are also of the same shape as gable boxes are. it also has a handle on the top to hold it.


  • Gable boxes can be categorized as any category they don’t have any specific purpose.
  • Tote boxes are specifically designed for tools. They are categorized as the tool boxes.


  • Gable boxes are used for keeping food,goody boxes, candies, edibles, or anything like that. These are one of the best choices for different eves and gatherings to provide gifts, toffees or candies to your kinfolk, friends and dear ones. These gable boxes have a lot of space in the so you can keep many item into them. These boxes are tetragonal from bottommost plus a little bit triangular from the topmost. It also has a minor handgrip on it so you can hold the box easily.


  • Tote boxes are normally used to keep tools and other small thing of use to carry them from one place to another place easily.

They are small in height but width is more.

A good thing in tote boxes is that they have a small handle on their top so you can hold them more easily and comfortably.


  • Gable box is created with a hard corrugated sheet which is structured in a way so it can keep lots of things into it easily.
  • Tote box is also made from a hard and best quality corrugated sheet which is strong and powerful enough to bear weight of things kept inside.

Joining a box:

Although these boxes have a complex design but they are joined with a great care and perfection. No tape or staple is used for this purpose. We simply use transparent glue which cannot be seen so the boxes get perfect looks without getting messy or clumsy. This is how we create the perfection and detail in our every box which makes our standard and our perfection in the field of printing.


  • Gable boxes are printed in different styles and designs which can be very unique and colorful. These boxes are made to attract and to temp people towards the stuff into them so they can be printed very colorful. They allow you completely to play with colors.
  • Tote boxes are kind of formal boxed then gable boxes so they are very decently and formally because they are used to keep tools I them. As a person is dressed up according to his profession same like boxes are also printed according to their used.

Discount Box printing offers:

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