A Brief History of Study From Home and Learn Courses


In 1728, a revolutionary advertisement appeared in the Boston Gazette. The ad was for a correspondence course for a new approach of teaching shorthand. This is remembered as one of the initial steps in the development of home study courses.

Further on in 1858, University of London introduced an external study program that allowed students of all ages to enrol. After this, more institutions embraced the idea of home study, which led to the popularity of home and learn study programs in years to come.

The birth of the Open University in UK in 1969 gave full acceptance to this type of study methods. This was a major step in the history of the home study courses and it cannot be overlooked. Today, the Open University is known the world over and it offers a wide array of subjects and courses.

This was later followed by an increasing number of the red brick institutions that focused on providing home study courses. The qualifications that are attained through home study are acceptable and there are no different from those obtained by students who physically attend their classes.

Home and Learn study courses are known to have the following benefits which are as follows:

1. Cost Effective

Usually, the home based courses are less costly as compared to the equivalent courses offered at a college. This is because the supplier has less overheads as compared to those of a physical college or university. With this approach, there is no use of having large buildings and classrooms to heat and light. The teachers are replaced by tutors who respond to the queries made by the students as well as the assignments and assessments . The tutors are not actively involved in the teaching procedure.

It is obvious that the students does not have to travel to attend classes and those with kids do not have to hire a child minder as they study.

The materials ate also less costly since most of the courses are inclusive of tuition that is done over the internet or TV. Any research that the student needs to do can comfortably be done over the web.

2. Convenience

With the home study programs, you do not need to go through the inconvenience of travelling to and from the college on any given day or time. You can simply study right from the comfort of your own privacy. Your study gets to fit in to your lifestyle.

Majority of the colleges have got a fixed date when they enrol new students, which is different with the home study courses. This programs allow you to enrol any time you are ready.

Those who are employed or busy taking care of their young families can comfortably study using the home study programs. This programs are flexible and they allow the students to attend to other commitments that they have as they study. Earning while learning is made possible with such programs.

3. Selecting the Right Course

The process of selecting a home study course should be given plenty of care. You should decide on the subject that you would like to study and at what specific level. Select a few suppliers and make comparisons of the courses that they offer. You should compare these courses carefully and analyze the costs as well as the level of support that the supplier provides. Search on the Facebook websites and take time to read blogs in a bid to get more information. You can also call them and ask any questions that you have.
With the right information at your fingertips, you can be able to make an informed purchase decision.

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