6 features of Tumblr

6 features of Tumblr

Tumblr is a social media community running a blog device released in 2007 and acquired through Yahoo in 2013. It facilitates customers to submit brief weblog posts. It is like different social media structures like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. It gives diverse precise possibilities to attain the audience through content material, photos, videos, audio, animated GIFs, and links.

Tumblr is a hybrid running a blog software and microblogging device. However, they are not as straightforward as Twitter updates.

The Tumblr network of customers can reblog your content material on their very own Tumblelogs or percentage of your content material on Twitter with the pressing of the mouse. Review a number of the website’s capabilities that might be present to be had so that you can decide if Tumblr is the proper device that allows you to submit your content material online.

The Activity Feed, Biggest Fans & Top Post capabilities are fantastic informative

Tumblr’s interest feed indicates you, at a short glance, universal interest for your weblog over a fixed quantity of time. You can view draws beyond 24 hours, three days, seven days, or one month. The interest feed presents the number of notes you’ve obtained (likes and reblog), the number of new fans you’ve gained, and your broad range of fans. As you convert it slow filter, you’ll additionally see the largest lovers and the pinnacle put up from that decided on duration of time. If you desire to realize even extra approximately who’s been creeping for your weblog, Tumblr also indicates you the pinnacle four customers who’ve preferred and reblogged your posts. It doesn’t inform you precisely what they’ve selected or reblogged, or what number of notes they’ve generated, though. Tumblr additionally indicates which of the ones put up for your weblog has obtained the top notes for the chosen duration of time.

The Dashboard is almost flawless. The Tumblr Dashboard is so easy and straightforward:-

It indicates to you the whole thing you want and not anything extra: no commercials, no fluff, no promotions, no nugatory updates. The pinnacle navigation has some options: home, messages, help, settings, and logout. There is a seek bar wherein you may seek the whole net or simply Tumblr. Along the pinnacle of the dashboard, you’ve got got the choice to create a brand new put up with text, a photo, a quote, a link, a conversation, audio, or video. Along the proper facet of the dashboard, you may toggle among blogs (Tumblr helps you to run more than one blog from one figure account), Check Followers, take a look at your interest feed, see drafts, see queued posts, and customize your weblog’s layout. The Account tab indicates all the posts you’ve preferred and the blogs you’ve followed – and offers you the choice to locate different blogs. There are from time to time three endorsed blogs after which the Tumblr Radar, which promotes one put up primarily based totally on other blogs you follow. These Tumblr Radar posts are on point. I willingly reblog them in some instances in keeping with the week.

You can run more than one blog:-

 I’m now no longer sure if there’s a restriction on what number of blogs you may run. For a person like me with an almost schizophrenic push and pull of interests, the choice to run more than one blog from one number one figure account is ideal. However, as soon as you’ve begun out your first weblog, that weblog will for all time be the figure account for every other blog you start. You can’t extrude it later.

You can queue and agenda posts:-

Tumblr offers you the choice to customize your queue to put up as regularly as you’d like. You can queue uploads of posts and inform Tumblr to put up a positive range of instances in keeping with day among particular hours – eight cases in keeping with day among the hours of nine a.m. and 12 a.m., for example. You also can inform Tumblr to put up something at a particular time, like Sunday at 1:12 p.m. Once objects are queued, you may visit your queue tab and consider your posts or rearrange the order with the aid of using dragging and dropping. At any time, you may edit a put-up to submit it immediately, delete it out of your queue, or agenda it to put up at a particular time.

There’s a choice to combine Google Analytics & Discuss 

Tumblr helps you customize their premade weblog designs on your heart’s content material. Or you may embed your Google Analytics account data and feature the whole thing tracked. You also can place withinside the data on your Disqus account to permit remarks for your weblog. A Disqus call also lets non-Tumblr customers depart comments on a put-up.


 Recommended Blogs and the occasional informational put up from the Tumblr staff, there aren’t any tense commercials on Tumblr. The app permits you to submit brief posts comprising images, text, audio, video and even save tumblr videos anywhere.

There are such a lot of different matters to like approximately Tumblr. From its numerous customers to its abnormal area of interest fandoms and its eternal delivery of cat .gifs, there’s something for pretty much everyone. Want to peer for yourself? Sign up. Or, if you’re already Tumbling, inform us what your favorite (or maybe least favorite) factors of Tumblr are.


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