How Orphan Animal becomes Parent of kid thrown in the DUSTBIN

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Dog Starts his Life without his Golden BOY



Dog forgets his pain & start helping 

dog helping blind person

Dog Guides blind Lady to Walk the Road

dog helping blind girl crossing road

Helping Disabled Guy Open the door

dog helping disabled


Surprisingly Army man finds Surprise DOG to his rescue 

Images for dog helping human


 DOG Crys when he remember his Golden Boy

Mama Dog Cryingdog play kid gif







Dog joins U.S. Air Force Staff  to search for explosives forgetting all PAIN

sniffer dog searches bomb


Dog searches bomb which is going to explode in 10,9,8………..

Images for explosive search dogs


Soldiers watch bomb explodes Helplessly


Images for soldiers watch bomb explodes


Every solder is SHOCKED

Images for soldiers crying

DOG Honestly Worked  for ALL

soldiers carries dog dead body


Remembering BRAVE DOG Who SAVED LIFE of ALL his ARMY Friends-REAL HERO

Military working dog


This  is story How Animal Loves Stranger  when they finds  Stranger in there LIFE ,but  today HUMANS kills Animal also fights against each other in the name of  caste ,power ,x,y,z reasons

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39 Responses

  1. Kaili Wolf says:

    So there's a newborn baby on the street…and some guy with a camera decides to take pics and not help it…..?

  2. Chelsea Miller says:

    Good dog that is what dogs should do if they see something thats alive they should take it to the hospital or to someone's house?

  3. Sarah Z. says:

    Typical. Get out the camera and take pictures! Without words!

    • says:

      This rescue's beyond our power & control.It has been directed from higher heights The baby should survive.Poor mother.?

      • Brianna Aguilera says:

        the power of love comes many unexpected sources. and seriously a dumbass guy decides to take pictures and not help the poor defenseless newborn maybe even sick baby what a jackass?

  4. Neko Alex (Kawaii Ninja) says:

    Damn dogs are getting smarter with each passing day. I like how the dog was the one who helped the newborn?

  5. Nathan says:

    When God had made the earth and sky,
    The flowers and the trees,
    He then made all the animals,
    The fish, the birds and bees.

    And when at last He'd finished,
    Not one was quite the same,
    God said, "I'll walk this earth of mine,
    And give each one a name."

    And so He traveled far and wide,
    And everywhere He went,
    A little creature followed Him,
    Until its strength was spent.

    When all were named upon the earth,
    And in the sky and sea,
    The little creature said, "Dear Lord,
    There's not one left for me."

    Kindly the Father said to him,
    "I've left you to the end,
    I've turned my own name back to front,
    And call you DOG, my friend."

  6. Vasia says:

    I love animals very much

  7. Srikandi Warion says:

    No words could express beyond sadness seeing this….and happy at the same time seeing animal doing such a heroic act on living being…..?

  8. Ahmed Abdel Rahim says:

    merciful grabbed from mankind hearts and still in animals?

  9. Atisse Frederick says:

    The photographer could have helped instead of taking these pictures. ?

  10. Alan Springett says:

    that's dogs for you……?

  11. Warren Osman says:

    Brilliant I'd do the same but it wouldn't fit in my mouth ???…..just messing but that's really nice of the animal who has better values than the human who abandoned it's child!!!

    • Laurent Parisod says:

      And, fortunately, somebody was present to take pictures… I think it's fake.?

      • Warren Osman says:

        maybe but then it's also typical of some people just to take photos of shit like this instead of helping. You see it all the time these days people to egor to get a shot to do anything else…Someone could be getting there head smashed in and everyone just there video it.?

      • Lord Sesshomaru Taisho says:

        This is good news?

        • Denise Thompson says:

          It's very sad when an animal has more compassion for mankind then we do for ourselves?

          • Gael Kay says:

            And they try to say dogs are dirty and dangerous………BUT THE BABY IS ALIVE BECAUSE OF A CARING HEART!!!!

          • Evelyne Toor says:

            Raven HulingsYesterday 12:43

            That is so sad. I love that dog?

            This shows 's Dogs are more loving then humans?

          • soccerbebe says:


            Wow ! Some animals are more caring n loving then some people that's for sure! Now a days some people are worse then animals especially dogs ! Not all dogs n not all people either . We are not all the same ! We have a little of everything in this world ! But yes everyone has a heart n feelings! I truly think that it has to do by the way ur brought up ! Some dogs as puppies, some humans as babies aren't that fortunate to be raised by love n care! But that's my own opinion! N I'm not offending anyone ! We aren't perfect ! ?

          • mahaa laxmi says:

            If a dog can do this ; then y can’t we???

          • Shady says:

            mahaa laxmi because some people are lazy enough to write y instead of why and because other people are too busy taking pictures of dogs carrying half dead babyes?

          • Gabrielle Jacobs says:

            How did they get those pics? Wouldn't you be trying to help the baby and not take a pitcher of it? ?

          • The Timelord Comedian says:


    • Maryelizabeth Reeves says:

      omg that is messed up good thing the dog was there?

    • Vinay Tekur says:

      Humans have lost humanity animals are much better in showing kindness?

  12. Andrew says:

    Humans are getting worse day by day.

    • Annemieke says:

      What a fantastic Dog!
      I always say, that people can learn from dogs.
      Looking at this, almost makes me ashamed to be a human…

    • Brianna says:

      the power of love comes many unexpected sources. and seriously a dumbass guy decides to take pictures and not help the poor defenseless newborn maybe even sick baby what a jackass

      • Evil says:

        Good dog tht is wat dogs should do if they see something thts alive they should take it to the hospital r to someone's house

  13. Joni Ikäläinen says:

    "How Animal Loves Stranger even when HUMANS kills Animal" <- what's that supposed to mean? Like any dog would know about oppression against animals. Dogs don't even know they are beings. Even people help other people while people are killing people.?

    By the way it's natural for animal to care for newly born beings. It doesn't have anything to do with love. If the scenario would have been threatening to the dog, it would most likely have eaten the baby to gain energy to flee from the situation.

    • Shirley Temple says:

      Animals do know about oppression, they love, feel pain, loss and every other emotion, as do all other creatures. Humans are animals, so what makes anyone believe they are above the other animal kingdoms. What have humans done except destroy with their so-called intelligence. What good can any of you show me that you have done better than nature. There is nothing, because humans all live by their ego, not their true spiritual nature. Someone show me or tell me something that has improved this planet over the thousands of years human animals have been at the so called top of the food chain! I would trust any "animal" because they at least show their true nature and intentions from the start where humans skulk around like demons! ?

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