Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies for Business

Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies for Business

Have you joined the bandwagon and begun using social media to plug your small business? If so, that’s wonderful! However, as you recognize, what constitutes effective social media marketing is variable. It’s hooked into various factors including your audience, your goals, and current trends. These factors determine what your strategy—or plan of action to realize a particular goal—should be.

So what should your game plan for social media marketing look like? Consider 5 time-tested strategies that are almost bound to work, alongside 5 up-and-coming strategies that will keep you before the curve. We are a digital marketing agency in Pune providing effective social media strategies for the betterment of the business.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

Immersive experiences are getting more and more appealing to consumers. As a result, both computer games (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are increasingly being explored as marketing tools. Either through complete immersion experiences that exclude the physical world (VR) or through digital elements added to a live view (AR), several brands are increasing audience engagement.

Leveraging mobile cameras during this way can allow your potential customers to know your products, services, then on as they might actually. With what result? you’ll directly influence their buying decisions, which might have obvious benefits to your business.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to significantly consider how you’ll incorporate AR and/or VR into your social media marketing strategy to succeed in your goals in 2019.

Live Streaming

Admittedly, live streaming has been on the scene for a few years now. Yet, it’s a rightful place on this list and deserves more of your focus. Why? Upwards of 80% of brand name audiences prefer live video to blog posts and social posts. As a video, generally, continues to rise in popularity, you’ll make certain that that preference will only grow stronger. So now’s the time to urge started with, focus more heavily on, and master live streaming.

Vertical Videos & Social TV

Many social platforms are now emphasizing vertical videos since we use our phones vertically most of the time anyway. This latest focus goes hand in hand with something else that’s on the rise—social TV.

At the forefront of this trend currently is Instagram with the recent release of IGTV, which allows users to make channels and post long-form videos there. Youtube TV and Snap Originals also are similar sorts of social TV, although they’re not currently available to the masses. Even still, vertical and long-form videos are still worth some time to make, especially if you market your business through Instagram and are willing to offer IGTV a try.

Increased Humanization

People respond strongly to people. By humanizing your brand on social media, you’ll make your marketing strategy that far more effective. How are you able to set about this? You ought to interact with followers the maximum amount possible by responding to comments, using user-generated content, and therefore the like. Those things have long ago been encouraged.

Yet, it’s now more imperative than ever that you simply spotlight your team members and their stories, log off on your social media posts, and connect each SMM effort back to your unique brand story.


Also along the lines of humanization is that the use of chatbots, which can little question become more widespread on social media within the coming year. These bots are often wont to start conversations, encourage unlikely sales, answer questions, and supply individualized customer service and support. By implementing this social media strategy while still relatively few are using it, you’ll dramatically boost your appeal and your SMM results.

Producing Diversified Content Types

It is often easy to seek out yourself posting pictures to Instagram, only posting short tweets to Twitter, and so on. Yet, on hottest social media platforms, you’ll and will post various sorts of content including blog posts, videos, photos, infographics, and more. Why?

For one thing, producing an equivalent content type endlessly can bore your audience, which might keep you from reaching your goals. an equivalent outcome could come if you produce a content type that only resonates with some of your audience or, worse yet, that doesn’t resonate in the least. By varying what you post, you’ll determine the simplest content types for your audience and more easily appeal to all or any subsets of it.

Provide Education

Regardless of what your goals are, providing education is nearly always the simplest foundation to assist you to reach them. If you provide valuable information and/or practical advice, people will look to you as an authority and, in time, may become loyal customers.

Dominating Social

Did any of the above strategies—old or new—spark your interest? If so, do your homework to make sure that you simply choose the proper strategy and may execute it successfully to succeed in your goals. you’ll even prefer to explore how you’ll combine two or more of the ideas above cohesively into one powerful game plan. Whatever route you think that best, start planning now so that you’ll get a robust start! SMO services in Pune offers social media strategies and effective plans to help your business grow on the digital platform.


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