Exploring Oriya Language

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Exploring Oriya Language

How many of you are aware of  Oriya Language? This article will introduce you with one of the richest cultural Indian languages Oriya! The language is an Eastern-Indo language mostly spoken in the state of Orissa. Being commonly spoken it is one of the official languages covering almost 33 million people! It has its roots in Sanskrit, which is an ancient language. The similar languages may include Bangla, Assamese, Bhojpuri, etc. In India, one can find a number of Oriya Speakers in different states apart from Orissa such as West Bengal, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and many more. Oriya speaking communities have escaped to the major states, in India to a great extend.

About Oriya:

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Oriya has several dialects, which is inclusive of Mughlbandi (one of the standard & formal dialects), Sambalpuri which is spoken in districts of Sambalpur, Kalahandi, Bolangir and any more. The other dialect is Bhatri that is known to be a traditional dialect. The language has 51 letters, vowels, and 39 consonants. The vowels used in the Oriya language could be short or long. The interesting part is when the length of the vowel is changed the entire meaning of the word gets changed. The language has several loanwords generally from Hindi, Gujarati, Nepali, Sanskrit, and even Portuguese.

Popularity Of Oriya:

Today, this language is translated into number of other languages, popularly English.  Other language combinations are often founded which makes it highly demanded all over the world.  In case you want to get the language translated into any other forms of language, you may contact reputed translation companies that can work magical for you. The reason being, the professionals are expert in the languages and are able extract the correct meaning of the language. People translate their personal brochures, letters, official documents, or even their websites! The best part is that Oriya translation services are not so difficult or time consuming. Moreover, Oriya societies are spread all over the world for example in Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Singapore, Canada, Kuwait and many more.

oriya quotes in oriya language

Oriya language is commonly used in business, and for all those who will be dealing with this community should always remember these following tips:

  • Don’t keep eye contact, it is extremely uncommon.
  • While on a meeting it is best if you greet the person with both palms pressed and say “Namaste”.
  • Man light handshakes can be done, but for women it is gradually becoming acceptable.
  • Traditional clothing is liked a lot both for men and women.


In short, Oriya language is surely not a famous foreign language but is deeply associated with the rural marketers. The language has its own traditional significance and hence is accepted as the best means of communications for a particular set of population. Hence, it is important that we take on a serious discussion on the major languages being spoken in the targeted markets. For rest, we have dozens of quality translation companies available for us.


About The Author:

M Madhwan is involved in translation of Axis Asian Languages that are popularly translated into number of other languages for business, marketing, medical and other purposes.

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