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You’ve probably all heard about portable power bank. A nice thing for those whose portable gadgets often shut down because the battery is depleted. If you are often on the move, and it is important to always be available online, this external battery can be a great solution.

Solution for battery discharge

battery discharge device

There are more and more gadgets and various peripherals that are always “hungry” for power. It becomes a bit complicated to always wear different chargers. For this reason, and because we are not always near some free jack, there has emerged in selling an external battery, a device that quite simply solve this issue. Power Bank is one such product, and is intended for all those who need always to be available or online. There are many differences among these products, depending on the manufacturer that more seriously deal with power banks, since the mode of operation and the quality and price are different.

Power bank without any problem fits in pants pocket and is very convenient to carry. On these devices next to the USB cable, you usually can use an USB electric charger (you just need to pay attention that produces a certain voltage). In addition to the Micro USB connector for charging the battery, power bank also has a regular USB port that connects the devices that should be charged directly from the battery. Any device that can connect the USB cable can be supplemented through the power bank battery. The base of device is a battery with specific capacity, which is sufficient for mobile devices to add a little more strength until there is a free jack.

Power bank is very convenient for those who are constantly on the move and who need to have a reserve in case of consuming the battery on phone or other portable device. Whoever knows how to connect to the mobile charger, he will know how to use power banks. Even if it is not the most powerful portable versions, it provides sufficient capacity to prevent the exclusion of the majority of portable gadgets, until it comes to a regular charger and electrical outlet.

Why the battery is quickly discharged?

No need to worry if the battery of your mobile phone quickly discharges! There is a solution! Portable Power Bank will solve your problems, and you will always be available.

This is why the battery is quickly discharged:

–         Today’s phones use too many different technologies that have been improved, but with all the modern technology, it is possible that the battery remained neglected. All smartphone owners are familiar with this problem – charge your mobile in the morning, but the battery is completely empty in the evening. Previous years, it was completely normal that the battery on your cell phone lasts for a few days, but today, with all the modern technologies, it is possible that the battery remained neglected?

–         Mobile Internet

Older models of mobile phones were working on a relatively simple 2G network and were enabling the most basic – SMS messages and calls. As technology rapidly evolved, users were demanding more from their devices. One of the biggest requests was the internet. At the beginning of the 21st century, this request was fulfilled in form of “WAP” (Internet for mobile devices). At first, “WAP” was pretty easy because the pages are mostly comprised of black and white text. However, today’s mobile internet is practically equal to that of the computer, which means the processing of large amounts of information on a device that still has to fit into any pocket.

How much does it actually consumes energy? Specifically, it was discovered that the website tailored for mobile devices consume about 11 joules of energy, while the real website consume up to three times more. So, Epl.com consumes 34 joules, and the popular Wikipedia is closely with 31 joules. These figures are obtained simply by going to the above page without of clicking on it, which increases the demand on battery power and consumes energy.

–          The dominance of touch screen

Today’s dominance of mobile phones with a touch screen is also affected by the battery life, since the manufacturers are competing to make bigger, brighter screen and put more pixels in the screen which further burdens the battery. The technology of functioning of battery stagnates a bit. The introduction of Li-ion batteries of the 1990s occurred rights revolution, but after that it is not detected even one significantly improved technology. Even the mode of operation of mobile networks has great impact, especially the advent of 3G network.

Essential features

Smart phones in the last few years dominate the world and except calling and sending messages they allow for users a lot of new features such as integration with social networks, playing games and so on, and all that in a nice big screen. But with all that, smart phones brought some disadvantages. While we were about ten years ago charging the phones every five to six days, now they often have to be charged every day, and even several times a day. In such cases, these products, such as Power Bank, can be very useful, until a better solution appears.

For proper selection of adequate Power Bank, it is necessary to pay attention to the following characteristics:

–          Warranty

When you buy the Power Bank, you need to be sure that your device will work well for some time. It is very important that manufacturer provides a warranty for your purchased product.

–          Versatility

Power bank can be used for more portable devices used almost every day, such as phones, tablets, digital cameras. Before buying, you must check for which devices power bank can be applicable.

–          Safety

When buying power bank, you need to be sure that there will be no unforeseen damages and problems while several hours of charging.

–          Battery capacity

Energy stored in the power bank is measured in mAh (milliampere per hour). This means that the larger the mAh, the more capacity the power bank will have. So if you need to make your battery last longer, you’ll have to get larger capacity Power Bank.

To find more needed information about Power Bank, visit mobilecharger.com.my. Here you can find Promotional power banks. Those power banks can have your personalized logo printing or laser engraving and can be packaged in high quality packaging box which is suitable to be given out as a gift.

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