Essential Features of Successful Real Estate Website

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Having identified the worth of using internet and web to drag more customers to create more business leads, every business owner is looking to establish efficient business website. Irrespective to the industry, it is a challenging task and requires special attention to achieve maximum business goals. In order to gain maximum benefits, it is necessary to consider few essential things while creating your business website.

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Advancements in lifestyle and business trends have revolutionized the traditional practice of buying, selling and renting real estate assets. Today it becomes an industry involving professionals working to facilitate everyone looking for personal accommodation or for profitable investment opportunity. Like other business sectors, professionals require proper marketing to build their brand image in industry. Launching a real estate website is a wonderful way for building brand image among industry competitors. Besides branding, an efficient real estate website is beneficial for real estate agents/firms and their customers. 24/7 connectivity between agent and client is the major associated advantage. Especially overseas clients can communicate without primary barriers of time and location.

A good real estate website is…

User friendly allows easy navigation. Clearly display all services offered and properties available for sale and rent. Moreover, it also allows buyers and tenants to communicate with professional conveniently via email.

Essential Features of Successful Real Estate Website

Being dynamic in nature, these business sites are handling huge property data that keep on changing with addition of new listings or removal of sold or leased units. Furthermore, presence of thousands of websites on search engines has made it tough to stand out for new comers. Lot of research, planning and skills are required to build an efficient and flawless site which is not only capable to brand your company but also involve property buyers and sellers for buying and selling assets with your firm.

Pretty design and up to date information on the site remain same for the success of any business. Requirements may differ accordingly depending on the type of business. Below I am sharing few important essentials for a successful real estate website.

 Keep design simple

Don’t overdo with heavy flash animations as it can effect on the speed. Design must be user friendly to allow easy navigation. Avoid complexities to facilitate users to find what they need in few clicks. Property listings, company information and available services must be displayed in correct pattern for better user experience.
Search engine friendly design

Having considered the limited ability to crawl web pages to interpret content, you should carefully design your website according to search engine guidelines. Google, Yahoo and Bing all stated their guidelines. Well written optimized content is mandatory to get good ranks on search engines. But it doesn’t mean that content is written only for search engines rather it should be designed for humans as well. Good coordination among programmers, developers, designers, SEO and writers is very helpful to better accomplish the task.

Dedicated page for company profile

This is the primary need of every business website. For a real estate firm it is very critical to share genuine contact and company information. It’s your customer right to know who they are dealing with to buy, sell or lease their houses or office space. Suitably formatted company information page can play great role to satisfy visitors.
Easy to search real estate listings

In addition to content and corporate pages, real estate listing pages are also very important. If this page is not designed efficiently, then the real estate website will not be able to help business. Property search engine should be simple with easy options to facilitate user in property search. Properly design page can make it more efficient with ability to produce more business.

Contact/Feedback Form

Don’t forget to dedicate a page for contact us. This shows you are concerned about your customers and ready to hear and answer complains and positive and negative feedback they submit.  Despite creating a contact us page, it is necessary to setup strategy to answer all queries timely and accurately. This will not only help site visitors to coming back to communicate with executives but also enhance your trust in your customer mind.

Display image/video about properties

This feature is also very helpful for real estate professionals to communicate with overseas clients. They can use images and videos to view properties to their clients to give them better idea about the property they are interested to buy or rent. Besides this, it also facilitates agents to build their trust in their customer hearts.

Content Management Tools/System

Despite this is not directly associated with your clients but content management system is very important for the owner. If your CMS is powerful you can quickly add and delete pages, customer testimonial and links to external websites. And eventually a regularly updated website can efficiently help to achieve business goals.

These are the few things you must not ignore while working to establish your business website for your real estate firm. If you have successfully design and develop your website it can greatly benefit your business in long run and also help you to establish a brand name in the industry.

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