There May Be Sore Throat Problem in Your Children

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Sore Throat for kids-

Sore throat is a problem that can affect children. And the worst part is that your kid may not know how to let you know that he or she is experiencing this irritating and painful throat condition. The main goal of this article is to let you understand the nature, the symptoms and the different ways to relieve it. This way, you will be able to know how to get rid of sore throat fast.


sore throat for kids



Pharyngitis or the condition that is commonly known as sore throat is a condition that is characterized by a dry, painful, scratchy and itchy feeling. This is something that can be a result of other conditions like flu and colds. Children can also experience this when they slept with open mouths. And aside from that, another condition called tonsillitis is also one of the common causes of sore throat. When your kids are experiencing this problem in the throat, you are infected by a bacterium called Streptococcus. The bacteria come in different forms and the level of infection and the complication vary on the strength of the bacteria that has caused it. In some instances, viruses can also cause sore throat.

For you to be able to know if your children are experiencing this, you can check is the throat is abnormally redder. Aside from that, you can also ask them if they are experiencing other symptoms like pain in the stomach and feeling nauseous. Other symptoms include cough, colds, hoarseness in the voice and fever.

Now, when your child has this type of condition, you can treat it just by considering the natural ways to ease it. Here are the three natural treatments that you can do:

  • You should combine warm water and salt. After that, ask your child to gargle using the solution. This is one of the remedies that only the older children can have. You should be there and you should make your kid understand and know exactly how to gargle.
  • Pasteurized honey is also one of the best relievers for this. But you should only give this to your kid if he or she is more than one year old. This is also effective in relieving the kid from cough.
  • And lastly, you have to make sure that your kid is getting enough liquids. This is the best way to relieve this condition. Aside from that, you should also cook foods that are soft and easy to swallow. This will help you feed the kid easily. You should understand that it is very difficult to swallow with a swelling throat.

The natural remedies that are given above can be considered when the child is experiencing this condition within twenty-four hours. When it exceeds 24 hours, you should consider going to the doctor for consultation. Aside from that, here are the other things that can help you determine if you already need to get to get the help of an expert:

  • When your child has experienced strep sore throat or the higher level of sore throat before or the kid has got the condition from someone who is experiencing the said type of sore throat
  • When the sore throat comes with fever
  • When your child looks very sick and he is experiencing difficulty in breathing.

The doctor will be performing a swab test in order to determine if your child has strep sore throat. And when he or she has that type of sore throat, the child will be given antibiotic to help cure it and stop the bacteria from spreading.

Aside from knowing the different symptoms of sore throat in children, you should also be aware about the different factors or activities that can ease them. This awareness can lead to knowing the different ways for you to make sure that your children will not be suffering from the pain that is caused by this condition. Here are the other ways to ease sore throat aside from the different things that are given above:

  • Give your kid warm water to drink. This can help in easing the pain in the throat. You can also add lemon on the drink to make it more soothing.
  • For some children, ice blocks are the best pain relievers.
  • There are also lozenges that are perfect for children. For you to understand more, this type of reliever helps in increasing the amount of saliva that is being produced by the mouth. You should only give this to children who are big enough in order to avoid choking.
  • There are also throat sprays that can be bought from the drug store. This is also one of the most helpful tools to relieve the pain.

Now, when your child is suffering from this condition and it is accompanied by fever, you can also consider giving the child Paracetamol. Aside from giving your kid the amount of liquid that they need, you also have to be sensitive enough to determine if the condition is getting worse. You need to keep in touch with the doctor to make things easier to manage.

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