Things Men and Women Must Know About Fertility

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Things Men and Women Must Know About Fertility

Who says getting pregnant and having a child is as easy as 1-2-3? While there are couples who conceive during their first year, there are many others who are trying their luck in becoming parents. Fertility is not just about the meeting of the sperm and egg. When it comes to this matter, both men and women have a lot to learn.

Here are some things you should know about fertility.


Consider the biological clock.

Unfortunately for women, getting pregnant (although possible) at 40 entail a lot of risks. If you want to get pregnant, consider your age too. Fertility declines with age. Women are most fertile between 20 to 24 and starts to decline by the time they reach 27. Men are also susceptible to this. As men age, the sperm health decreases and the possibility of having a DNA-damaged sperm is higher. So the biological clock is not just a “girl thing.”

Your overall good health does not mean you are fertile too.

Contrary to popular belief, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet do not equate to fertility. One in every 10 couples will have fertility problems, no matter how healthy both may be.

Weight plays an important role when you’re trying to get pregnant.

Being too thin or too heavy can affect your ability to conceive. In fact, the body needs at least 22% of body fat for normal ovulation and reproductive competence. On the other hand, being overweight can also prevent conception because of the alteration of hormone chemistry. The bottom line? A body mass index between 19-25 can do the trick. And take it easy on the food or diet too.

Your lifestyle can affect your fertility too.

The unhealthy one, to be exact. Smoking speeds up the age-related infertility that can lead to early menopause. Being exposed to toxins can also affect most men plus too much alcohol can lower the sperm count. Risky sexual activity increases your chances of getting a sexually transmitted disease which can also affect your fertility. And you are what you eat and like what was mentioned earlier, being overweight or underweight can make a difference as well.

Sex position does not affect your chances of conception.

Deepest penetration and aiming for a maximum cervical contact can up your chances but it doesn’t have to be the missionary position all the time. Once your partner ejaculates, the sperm immediately swims towards the cervical canal regardless of the position.

For women, know when you are most fertile.

Apparently, Day 14 is not always the most fertile. Some women ovulate even before Day 14 and waiting to have sex on the 14th day will miss your chances of getting pregnant. In fact, women are fertile 5 days before ovulation and having sex on these days can increase your chances to get pregnant. If you are unsure about your ovulation period, an ovulation kit can help you.

Birth control choices can affect fertility.

Certain birth control methods have a lot of fertility implications. For instance, if you are using progesterone injections and decided to stop, you have to wait for a few months to normalize your menstrual and ovulation cycle. Also, some oral contraceptives can have a rebound effect, making you ‘more fertile.’ In other words, if you decide you want to get pregnant after being on pills, wash it out first until your cycles have normalized.

The boxers vs. briefs myth.

Men’s underwear does not affect fertility. Although boxers provide more airflow, this doesn’t mean men who wear boxers are more fertile. Nonetheless, extremely tight underwear made of non-breathable fabric does affect the sperm health. And if you’re too worried about the heat, then too much sauna, hot tubs or sitting with a laptop on your lap makes your sperm unhealthy and not the boxer vs. brief.

If you are unsuccessful after a year of unprotected sex or 6 months after if you are 35, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor. You can buy Endometrin or start to consider other options such as IVF in order to conceive.

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