Wedding in Italy – Tips to Plan Your Big Event On Your Way

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Regardless if you are planning to organize a business conference, putting on a stag or in search of the perfect wedding venue, planning your big day is a tough job.
Villas and castles, which are dotted all across the Italy, can be a perfect venue for big and more intimate events or parties.
Having said that, this post shares some proven tips that can help you make your celebration or party an extraordinary, dreamy and excellent event.

Gather Ideas

Tips to Plan Your Big Even

Whether you already have some ideas in your mind or seeking some inspiration to make your big day celebration, your wedding, the ideal one, the first thing to do is gather your ideas or your artistic vision at one place.
There are a plenty of wedding magazines available out there sharing numerous great ideas on wedding décor and attire to the rest of the world. Grab a few of them, and check out what’s stored there for your special day.
If you don’t want to be too fancy, you may take a glance to your memories of past – the wedding ceremonies and parties you have attended till date, and recall if any specific thing you liked the most.

Decide Your Budget

There is absolutely no dearth of luxury wedding venues in Italy. But before you get carried away with a grand and luxurious wedding venue, it is wise to fix your budget. Do some homework over the web or look around in the local market to know the typical costs of property rental, catering, drinks, and of course entertainment.
Whom you are going to invite? And how much you can afford at maximum? Analyze the collected information and decide the amount you can afford without breaking your bank.

Prepare a List

So, now when you know how much you can afford and what you want on your big day celebration, it’s high time to prepare a checklist. You need not to go in detail at this stage. For example, you need to ask yourself – what’s the task? When it should be completed and how? Who is responsible to accomplish this task? Etc.

Finalizing a Venue
With the help of internet where you can see tons of sites of agencies offering a huge selection of wedding venues dotted throughout Italy, finding your dream wedding location won’t be a nightmare for you.
However, besides your taste, make sure the venue you choose is well-accessible and has the facility to accommodate all your guests properly. Find a good wedding planner company local to the country and you will get many good ideas to choose from.

From castles, luxury villas and beach side resorts to churches, you will find a great variety of wedding venues across Italy. Wedding castles in Cortona have become immensely popular these days for all such auspicious celebration.


As you have already decided the budget, you can easily determine the catering cost per head too. Italy is a mecca for foodies. So, your guests are going to have the perfect culinary retreat!

Drinks & Entertainment

You may plan a mobile bar to serve your guests with a great variety of drinks tastes. But it is half the battle; plan good background music or invite a DJ.

With these points in mind and your own creativity, you can certainly make your wedding a lifetime memorable event for you and your guests as well!

Author Bio: With over 7 years’ experience in the events industry of Italy, Valentina knows it all about wedding castles in Cortona and in the rest of Italy. She specializes in managing everything from weddings to corporate events.

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