11 Health Benefits of Yoga 

11 Health Benefits of Yoga 

Health Benefits of Yoga 


11 Health Benefits of Yoga 

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When it comes to fitness, yoga is my forte! This doesn’t mean that I am outraging the other forms of staying fit. But through yoga, life seems easier. 


Think about your five senses and spiritual well-being. What if I say to you that by practising yoga, you can control your mind and your five senses along with gaining consciousness every fraction of a second. Yes, it is an undeniable fact. 


A study predicted that around 55 million will readily adopt yoga as spiritual and physical health practice due to the COVID- 19 and it’s growing impact on overall well- being.


For that matter, let’s quickly find out the 11 intrigue health benefits of Yoga wholly advisable to every one of us:

#1: You turn out to be flexible and enthusiast

The fact says, There are around 14 million people who practice yoga being of the age 50 and over. The reason is quite understandable. Yoga lets you strengthen your muscle power and lengthens your age. 


Deepened practice makes you alert, allows you to stay fresh and revive.

It strikes through the deepest layers of your body, mind and soul, which rejuvenates every corner of your framework.


#2: Think about your physical & mental well-being

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that your health is nowhere without a healthier mind. 


People with diabetes can regulate their blood sugar level encouraging a healthy heart, better immune, digestive and nervous system, maintained blood pressure; along with mindfulness, improved thinking capabilities, clarifications to your thoughts, relaxed mind and soul. 

#3: You cheerfully boost your immune power

Practising yoga during a cheerful atmosphere with utmost silence and serenity around, you can concentrate more on purifying your body and removing the toxins and are able to focus on gaining positive energy. 


You can significantly jump on trying new asanas Shalabhasana, Tadasana, Naukasana, Dandasana, Paschimottanasana, Bakasana, Halasana and many more.

#4: Your breathing practice is improved

Your breathing practice (lung functioning) once affected, it’s hard to restore. Around 5-15% can be improved through physical workouts. Your lung capacity should endure oxygen capacity. 


Otherwise, you are likely to face breathlessness and related illnesses like Asthma, Emphysema, or Pneumonia. Deep breathing exercises make you stand erect, lowers inflammation, strengthens your inner core and improves breathing muscles.

#5: You are able to gain self-awareness

Heard from people that food changes your mood. But there are many cases in which overeating is the cause of health problems. The hormone responsible for generating stress and anxiety- cortisol, is reduced. 


You receive messages from every part of your body as it helps you to activate the muscles and accumulate strength. Also, you can manage your emotions, gain self-confidence and most importantly understand what your mind wants to perform.

#6: You start looking younger and happier

It is observed that those who stay happy are healthy. A healthy individual who has fewer wrinkles and ageing only by the act of staying happier. 


This happens because your metabolism is refined which makes you look more resilient and younger. Your stay-young hormones are released and all this contributes to lowering your biological age with your disturbed mind being in a state of utter peace and calm. 

#7: You can detoxify your body completely

When in doubt, perform yoga and meditate. That helps to cleanse your body and detoxify with all the impurities around. 


Your constant running negative emotions, poor digestional tract, unhealthy diet, irregular growth, unbalanced mind, likely prone to illnesses, etc can be deprogrammed and detoxified thoroughly. The constant oscillation between physical and mental well being is resolved at both the ends.

#8: You can maintain your healthy weight

Yoga has different benefits for different people. You can lose your weight through some active forms of yoga but maintain a healthy weight through some relaxed exercises. 


Yoga is always treated as an exercise likely to lose weight but many experts have stated that it works in a unique way for every individual. For the sake of weight loss, Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Power Yoga exercises are advisable and for generalising the healthy weight balance, exercises like Supta Baddha Konasana, Vajrasana, Sarvangasana, Bhujangasana are the smart choices.

#9: You can willingly stay focused and at peace

It is a proven fact Yoga helps you to deal with depression and anxiety attacks. Mindfulness Meditation, Spiritual Meditation, and Focused Meditation are the best yoga practices to stay healthy mentally. 


To calm your nerves and result in vitality with zero thoughts and no negativity, yoga does the thing. There arises a balance between the two (physical and mental health) which reflects on your attitude and changes your behaviour.


#10: Your lifestyle and eating habits change downright

Through regular yoga practice, there arises an unprecedented change in your lifestyle and eating habits. You are likely to lose track of giving any thought for your negative emotions, unhealthy eating habits, smoking, drinking or any other impoverished habits. 


With sensitivity and self-awareness, you understand the functioning of your body and you may not feel sluggish at times. Your changed routine will definitely provide remarkable results.

#11: You are able to remain placid and sleep peacefully 

If the tranquillity is achieved, you are just on the right track. With the state of being tranquil, you remain placid and are able to get a clear eight hours of sleep. It is found that insomnia is the major cause of all your health issues. 


Your unhealthy diet and your emotional imbalance block your repair of cellular levels and detoxification process. Considering this, you can perform a few yoga stretches like Hastapadasana, Marjariasana, Shishuasana, Baddha Konasana.


The Bottomline

Something that marks a life-long commitment, inviting your healthy life and withdrawing all the debasement; yoga makes you live longer. Not only your biological age but your physique too starts appearing younger and youthful.


You can’t sail on two boats simultaneously. Similarly, you can’t perform all forms of fitness together. Concentrate on one particular form of fitness which is likely to be your favourite. 


As I mentioned above, yoga has innumerable benefits and is the most simple practice, you can easily start your routine with yoga and end it up with a better and healthy way of life. All the best!


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