How to Get the Best Deals on Your Fragrances for Christmas

Must try Best Deals on Fragrances for Christmas


Owning a variety of fragrances is a great way to display your personality or mood through smell.

When buying perfume, you want to purchase perfume that is made from quality materials. Quality

perfumes will last longer and allow you to wear less of the fragrances while still providing you with a

good scent pay off. The one caveat of buying quality fragrances, especially during the Christmas time

is because they are one of the most popular gifts. There are some ways to make sure that you get

the best deal on fragrance gifts during the Christmas time.


Look up the retail price

By knowing the retail price of the fragrance that you want, it will be easier to determine how much

you will be willing to spend on the fragrance. If you know the suggested retail price or the full price

of the bottle, you can also tell what the best deals are. Since the price of a fragrance depends on

fragrance itself and the brand, you will have to price different scents individually. Designer scents are

typically pricier than other kinds of perfumes.

Make note of sales

Department stores are notorious for their sales during the Christmas season. If you know that you

want to purchase fragrances as gifts for yourself, you should start making note of these sales. Scour

the weekly ads for each store in order to find out who will be having sales on their fragrances. Keep

a list of the store and the sales that they are offering on your calendar so that you do not miss a

chance to pick up the perfect perfume. Go to the stores that are having sales on cosmetics and

fragrances to see what kind of deal you can get on fragrances you like.

Go with the best value for the bottle

As most consumers are aware, perfumes come in a number of different size bottles. Though it might

be tempting to pick up the smallest size bottle because it is cheaper overall, the small bottle may not

have the same value as the large bottle of the perfume. When in doubt, divide the price by ounces.

By dividing the price by the number of ounces in the bottle you will get an overall view of which

perfume bottle is actually the better buy.

Look for deals on designer fragrances

Holiday season sales are the best times to find deals on designer fragrances. During the Black Friday

holiday and the weeks before Christmas, look for different department and online shops to offer

sales on designer perfumes and colognes especially. Designer fragrances such as Prada perfume for

women are some of the biggest sellers during the holiday time. The reason for this is that it you can

never go wrong with a designer perfume. Designer perfumes and colognes are made to last, often

offer lotion and body wash in order to layer the fragrances, and are quality scents that mix well with

body chemistry.


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